All Aboard

What’s the story I hear you say…

My Sunday Photo 17 8 14

The photograph above was taken on Saturday as we took our 1st train ride together. Mr H and I are frequent travelers, I commute 3 days per week to Manchester on the train however as this was Lil G’s 1st train ride it become something rather magical. Even without his wand Lil G cast a spell on the doors as we approached them… Open Sesame which was just the sweetest thing and really made us smile.

In the words of Mary Poppins our journey was practically perfect in every way and part of that is down to the wonderful customer service from Nathan at Stoke on Trent Train Station and Michael from the Customer Service Team. Thank you.

Even before we stepped on to our train we were greeted at the train station by a very lovely surprise. As a treat for Lil G, Nathan of the customer service team had arranged for us to spend some time in the First Class Lounge. As it didn’t officially open until 10am we had the place to ourselves. Where Lil G had access to all the leaflets he could read, of course he chose the ones about trains! We may have did enjoy the free food and drink and of course relaxed on the very comfy leather sofa’s before attempting to persuade Lil G to leave. I think it was the envelope of goodies from Nathan that helped…

photo (5)

photo (4)

photo (6)

One of my favourite moments was watching Lil G’s face as the train pulled in to the platform. He couldn’t help but shout train stop in fear that it might roll on past us. I was grateful that we had booked our seats as the train was very busy with football commuters. We had table seats to ourselves which meant that Lil G could spread out and enjoy the colouring book, stickers, story, puzzle, sunglasses and many other little items he found in the magic envelope!

photo (8)

I was amazed by how much fun he was having. He paid very close attention to what the train manager said and knew which station we were pulling into. He had known for a little while that we were off to Manchester so when the announcement came over that we were approaching Manchester Lil G’s excitement rose to a whole new level.

photo (7)

Who would have thought that the sight of ‘Manchester Piccadilly’ and a platform would have created so many special memories.

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