Commuter Diaries [Part 5]

Hop skip & a week later. It is that time for another instalment of my Commuter diaries…

This week I thought I would give you a running commentary on how my 3-days commuting to Manchester has been. Day by Day. It has been that good you see. The challenges it has thrown at me (not punching the talker), the threatened delays due to engineering works and of course the fuckwits (see my previous posts) which have graced me with their presence or lack of in some instances!

Are you ready? Do you have a cup of tea, ooh and a biscuit? Please be warned that there may be a little rant or two hidden along the way. Here goes…

It was Tuesday the 19th August

A relatively quiet platform. I had high hopes. They were quickly flattened. I always sit in the quiet zone, mainly because I can’t be doing with listening to people talking, moaning, ranting about their boss, boyfriend, husband and child! Do they not know that I have generally been awake since 5am with a toddler, playing super heroes, dealing with a tantrum, working to military precision in order to exit the house, complete the Kindergarten drop off and make it to my train with the occasional mummy I need a poo poo, threatening to ruin my military operation!

Who should sit opposite me, 2 talkers. Who moaned about their boss, boyfriends and children. See I told you. Who not only talked the whole 42 minutes of my journey but also persisted in taking a phone call at the penultimate stop and talking into said phone for the remainder of the journey. Eek.

On the way back I had no choice to sit very close to a teenager, in the quiet zone, yes you read that right, the QUIET zone. Where no child or teenager should ever be seen, let alone heard. So, within seconds of leaving the platform the teenager decided to play the loudest game on his tablet that I have ever heard. You will be pleased to know that I plucked up the courage and asked him to turn the volume off. Ignore me, yes he did, he turned it down not off. Eek

I will be putting a petition together that despite being a parent myself I do not wish to share the quiet zone with either a child or a teenager EVER. Would anyone like to join me in getting this off the ground?

To round off my journey I was sat in front of the rabble. That would be the 3 regular commuters who sit next to each, moan about their jobs, their lives, the train, talk about other passengers, very loudly which meant I couldn’t concentrate on my book. The worst part about this is that I occasionally have to speak to one of these ladies therefore turning round and telling her off seems almost impossible now. Eek. Help.

Wednesday 19th August

Another quiet day on the platform. No talkers, fuckwits, children or teenagers in sight. Phew.

I spoke too soon. Today it was the noisy eater who chose to sit near me. The guy commenced eating his 3 jam and cream fingers as we stood on the platform & then polished them off on the train. Smacking his lips, licking his fingers, feeding his ever-growing belly yet looking down at it thinking why is it still growing. Mmmm that would be the 3 fresh cream fingers you have just polished off, all before 8.30am. You fatty bum bum. Eek

And then there was the lady sleeping, at a table seat might I add, the first table in the carriage. Wearing her sunglasses as if to say you can’t see my eyes so I am not moving. Her legs up on the chair & her bag, on a busy commuter train. Seriously? Do I need to say anymore? Eek

Thursday 20th August

For the most part it was painless, my train was on time, there was no fatty bum bum present, neither making me feel sick or jealous that he cares not so much about the calories! There was just one thing … the girl with her earphones in, playing her music loud enough for the entire QUIET carriage to hear! The tuts started, from others might i add. I stepped up, I asked if she would turn it down and you’ll be pleased to hear that she did! Phew. As a younger passenger I expected some back chat. None. Hooray.

And there you have it my diary of this weeks commute to Manchester on the train. My last commute of August. Farewell Virgin Trains. I will return in September.

Do you have any commuting tails? I would love to hear them.

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2 thoughts on “Commuter Diaries [Part 5]

  1. Fatty bum bum! hahaha. I’ve got to admit, I very rarely sit in the quiet coach anymore because it seems to be a suggestion that is always ignored rather than a rule to abide by. Well done to you again though, for doing what is right and not what is easy. You could have sat back and tutted along with everyone else, but no you stood up for what is right. You should buy yourself 3 jam and cream fingers and reward yourself by eating them loudly in the comfort of your own home hehe.


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