Love The Little Things

A hop, skip and a week later. It is time to look back on my week and share with you what little things I have loved this week.

Today brings the start of a week’s holiday for Lil G and I. Excited. We are really looking forward to lazy mornings, where we don’t have to rush about, leaving the house before 8am. No. You will find us snuggled on the sofa watching a movie or if i’m lucky having a snuggle in bed with my gorgeous boy. I mean George not my hubby! Sadly he will be off to work. Mummy Daycare it is.

Typically the sun has taken his hat off and instead his new accessory is an umbrella. Utterly rubbish and so very selfish of him.

Moving on… here are my #LittleLoves



I may have mentioned this author before.  In fact, I know I have so I do apologise. I finally finished The Vintage Teacup Club and moved quickly on to two short stories which I have also read. Doesn’t the cover just make you smile. An easy read and a perfect length for the 3-days I spend on a train each week.

What I love about this story is that it sets the scene for the book which I have of course pre-ordered for the 8th September! Thank you Vanessa Greene you are saving me from the fuckwits that I am travelling with on my trains recently. Sorry to be so vulgar, you may understand more if you have come across my ramblings about the lovely people who grace me with their presence each week on the train! For more about the fuckwits take a look at my series of Commuter Diaries posts.


Lil G is really enjoying reading his ever-growing collection of books. He has always enjoyed reading however more recently he has been treating us to his own little narration. Listen to him here joining in with his Daddy when reading The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams.



 Saving Mr Banks – WOW. If like me you grew up trying to sing along to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  (and yes I did google the spelling!), then you will love love love this film. Tom Hanks is, as ever truly wonderful. And then there is the absolutely wonderful actress Emma Thompson. Colin Farrell wasn’t too shabby either! It really is a must see. Once you have watched it, you must then watch Mary Poppins of course.


 Eek. This week I have failed miserably. Maybe it’s because of the horrible wind and rain and my desire to wish for sunnier times. My autumn coats have made an appearance as have the thick black tights! I was hoping that the pink would tease the sunshine out. It didn’t. Boo


Lil G has dressed a lot more interesting than I have … Not only does he play with his super hero toys he is also accessorising his clothes with them! In the form of badges that is.



A Doodle Bot! What is that I hear you say? Well, let me show you…


Lil G and I were invited along to the MOSI in Manchester (Museum of Science & Industry) to review their facilities from the eyes of a toddler and I am pleased to say that we had a lot of fun. A doodle bot is a little battery-powered machine which when four pens are popped in, it doodles! Yay. Lil G was amazed and really got in to making it himsefl. If you are thinking of visiting the museum or are coming to Manchester then my review is here for all you lovelies to read.

And lastly…

 As I may have mentioned Lil G and I will be enjoying some time together this next week. I really do hope that the rain allows us to get out and about however I have been busy on pinterest looking for crafty ideas to entertain my gorgeous boy.

This time next week I will be writing this little piece with a toddler and cup of tea attached to me and not squeezing it in between meetings, phone calls and a distinct lack of tea! Heaven.


 Fancy joining in? Copy the headings and use them as prompts in a blog post then link up below. This week the lovely @LetsTalkMommy is hosting as our founder @ButWhyMummyWhy is on her holibobs



6 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. Love Saving Mr Banks! I watched it on my Ipad when I was cooking the other day and ended up blubbing while watching the bit where she sees the film at the end. Such a beautiful film.
    Hope you’re having a lovely week xx


  2. That’s awesome you get to hang out with lil g next week. I hope the weather stays nice for you and you both get out to have some grand adventures together. Be waiting for all the stories afterwards. Love the sound of MOSI I havent taken the kids yet but definitely on my list. Thanks for linking up to #littleloves Great round!


  3. Lovely! I really hope the sun shines for you this week! Most sounds and looks amazing! Great review post! I am loving the autumnal look! I am so depressed that the colder weather is starter to kick in! Even a few degrees lower brings a chill to the air! Boo Hiss!! xx


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