Review: Kids In The Kitchen: Betta Living

For those parents, carers, grandparents and nursery staff whose pennies may be running low as the last 1-2 weeks of summer are upon you, I have the answer. I guarantee that you will be able to entertain your littles for peanuts! I mean pennies of course! Take a look at this magic box of treats…


Research has shown that the cost of keeping a child entertained over the six-week school summer holiday is estimated to be anything between £1,000 – £1,600. Well, let me tell you, the items in the box above cost just £50! Yes that’s right. Shocked? So was I! Eek.

The lovely team over at Betta Living have put together a Kids In The Kitchen guide which lists 20 activities, that can be completed in doors for £50. That’s less than a family of 3 visiting a theme park. I know this because we are about to venture to Peppa Pig Land in September. The tickets alone have come to £50! 1 day of fun versus 20 days of fun. Ok, so of course I know that most parents will take their children to a theme park however each week for 6 weeks? I don’t think so. Here are some of our favourites…

 1) Homemade Ice Lollies : £2.5o 


ice lollies


 2) Bake your own bread, move over Paul Hollywood Chef George is in town! : Cost £0.90 – £4.00




 3) Make your own bunting : Cost £2 for string and glue (we used scrap fabric). Lil G helped me with this one rather than the other way around. I think I enjoyed getting back to my sewing roots more than Lil G!



 4) Dress up and put on a play : Cost £3



5) Become a kitchen retailer : Cost £0 (we have this fabulous shop from Great Little Trading which added to the fun however you could just use food from the kitchen cupboards)

Play Shop


 6) Stacking Weetabix Jenga style! : £1.49 for 12



7) Throwing bean bags on target : Cost £5



What I particularly liked about the activity list and this quote comes from Life Coach for children, Naomi Richards is that:

Parents can be confident that this inspiring list of activities are benefiting their children in more ways than just alleviating boredom and, without exception, there isn’t a screen or electronic device here!

Look out for more photographs on my instagram and twitter page over the coming week of Lil G and I having lots of fun ticking off more of the 20 things from the Kids in The Kitchen guide.

NB We were given this fabulous box of treats in exchange for this review post. For more information visit the Kids In The Kitchen blog.


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9 thoughts on “Review: Kids In The Kitchen: Betta Living

    • Absolutely, we had a rainy day today so we made Wooden Spoon Characters based on the three of us, kept us busy for an hour and then we played with them for and hour too. I wouldn’t have thought about making wooden spoon folk without this box!


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