Singing {Word of the Week}

I really do love the idea of this linky… Word of the Week or, if you are on social media check out the hashtag #WotW. It is an opportunity to look back over my week and pick out something which has made me smile, frustrated, happy or sad. Something that amazed me or maybe an ordinary moment which for some reason was quite prominent.

My word of the week is…

Word of the Week 23 Aug


I have spent most of the week listening to Lil G singing. In the mornings before our mad rush to leave the house, in the car, before bed time and the most special time of all, just to himself when he is playing with his toys.

For the most part it has been his favourite nursery rhymes. From Old MacDonald and Incy Wincey Spider to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Humpty Dumpty. And then we were treated to We Wish You a Merry Christmas! As HUGE fans of Christmas in our house this has to be our favourite. I am sure that by December the 24th we will have tired of it however for now I am joining in with his enthusiasm despite still being August.

I remember singing to George a lot during the first 12-months however as time has gone by and since Lil G has attended nursery and now Kindergarten 3-days per week I have to admit to letting it slip. He knows the words to so many nursery rhymes and gets an immense amount of enjoyment from singing them to us. This enthusiasm must come from them and I thank them for that.

As it is something which has only just started to happen I mentioned it to the staff at Kindergarten yesterday when I dropped him off. They too agreed that he does enjoy singing when they have a ‘sing a long’ session. Apparently most children shy away whereas our gorgeous boy really enjoys taking part. Go Lil G! Sing your heart out dear child.

As we get closer to the Christmas Nativity at Kindergarten I cannot help but think… Will he snap up a leading part! Ooh the excitement. Fingers crossed!

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5 thoughts on “Singing {Word of the Week}

  1. AArrhh, nothing like singing to raise the spirits – we all sing all the time in this house – so much so that I’m pleased we don’t really have any neighbours!


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