Happiness is…

The Ordinary Moments…

Looking back at a piece of jewellery and being overwhelmed by the memories which came flooding back. This happened today. Quite unexpected. A lazy Sunday morning, sitting on the floor in my dressing room wondering what to wear. Throwing outfit after outfit over my shoulder. Like some scene out of Sex & The City. Looking up at my clothes, then looking out at the window, is it summer? Or is it autumn? Feeling confused. After lining up several options, this outfit was born…

photo (1)

Surely a Summer/Autumn staple for any girl? You cannot go wrong with a dress, black tights, a denim jacket and a pair of boots! And then there is the jewellery, no outfit is complete without a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings. This is when it hit me. The jewellery I had picked out today had so many memories attached to them. I hadn’t worn one of the bracelets for some time.


These memories have disappeared and become one of {The Ordinary Moments} which I never want to forget. They have been replaced with the very thing that completed our marriage, a family. Lil G and our furry baby. As these moments in time happened they were most definitely not an Ordinary Moment. They were special. Here they are…

The silver Links bracelet and charms were a gift from my then fiance. A bracelet put together to remember our engagement. The bracelet was a symbol of linking our lives together. The NYC charm was a gentle reminder of where Mr H proposed. The snowflake, because the day after we got engaged it Snowed. It was magical. Imagine walking into Maces, off to do a spot of christmas shopping, no snow. We walked out 2-hours later to a blizzard. We stood catching the snowflakes. And finally the Empire State building, is from one of my favourite movies Sleepless in Seattle as well as it was a place where we stood, engaged looking out at Central Park which is where Mr H proposed.

The ring was my something borrowed and my something blue sewed into my dress on my our wedding day (oops). It was given to me by my now mother in law. Whose mother gave it to her. She passed it to me, apparently she had always wanted a daughter. Bless her heart. We certainly do have a mother, daughter relationship. I am so very thankful of that.

The pearl Thomas Sabo bracelet and charms. Was a gift to myself however the charms were picked by my husband. The G represents our gorgeous little boy. The shoe because I love shoes! And finally the Angel, it is a symbol of the Angel who looked down on our gorgeous boy in the first 12-hours of his life where we really didn’t know if he was going to survive.

For this post I have joined in with the lovely @MummyDaddyMe as part of the weekly {The Ordinary Moments} collection of posts. For more information hit the picture below…



14 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. This is a lovely post. Jewellery is not bought on a whim, aside from fashion jewellery. I find its bought as a way to mark a special occasion. This post has really captured this for me. I love the Thomas Sabo bracelet you have and the reasons behind why you and your husband chose the charms. X


  2. What a lovely post. Jewelry is certainly better and holds more weight when its sentimental. And from the looks of it, you’ll treasure these for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing

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