Project 365 {Days 36 – 42}

Project 365 17 Aug - 20 Aug

Project 365 21 Aug - 23 Aug

Day 36Mr Independence – Last weekend we visited our friends in Manchester. Lil G had so much fun. No more so than our walk back to the train station. He wouldn’t allow us to help him, he was determined to pull his suitcase (which was full) and carry his back pack with toys in it all the way. It goes without saying that he only took a few more steps before asking for ‘a little help please’. I love his independence and sheer determination.

Day 37All shook up – It had to be done. A real milkshake made from Cornish ice cream, Lil G opted for a plain Vanilla, he’s not one for too much fuss, very much like his Daddy on that account. He loved it. Just look at his cheeks all sucked in. He was determined to drink it all up without any help! Mr independence again or would that be Mr Greedy Pants? He wasn’t the only one supping on a milkshake, behind the camera I was tasting the delights of a Peanut Butter milkshake, with bits! Delicious.

Day 38Walkies – This would be one of our walks to Kindergarten. I love this time with Lil G. With it being the summer holidays the walks are quite peaceful, most children are still tucked up in bed! (Which will hopefully be us this week). It is our time to talk about the day and night before, to reflect, to hold hands and to just enjoy a few minutes of it being just us.

Day 39Old man – Lil G’s winter wardrobe arrived from Zara and inside the bundle was a flat cap. It’s a transition hat for Lil G. He is a huge hat fan, I cannot tell you how many he gets through. Just like his Daddy. To get him from summer to autumn. I was amazed by how old he looked in this picture. I don’t think he looks like he has just turned 3-years old. Despite turning 3, he has actually just moved into size 18-24 months age clothes. Being born premature means that each step up in clothes really does make me smile. He is getting that little bit closer to being a big boy.

Day 40Sleeping under the stars – A demand from Lil G. To read our bedtime stories under the stars. So beautiful. It seems to make the story all the more magical. This week we have been reading Paddington, Tabby McTat, The Slightly Annoying Elephant and Where The Wear Things Are. He has always enjoyed reading however as time goes by he really is enjoying the different stories.

Day 41Retro boy – The only way to travel, via his radio flyer trike.

Day 42Concentration – Stacking Weetabix Jenga Style! Helping with his hand, eye coordination and of course a little fun for me when I may have knocked them down! Only to see him build them right back up again and of course then eat them! Breakfast is served. Who doesn’t love Weetabix?

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