This time last year…

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I was about to embark on a new journey of my own. A new work journey.

Finally I had found a flexible employer. I won’t lie, it wasn’t a decision I took lightly. Commuting to Manchester rather than driving less than a mile to the office. Meeting new people, settling in to a new routine, settling Lil G into a new routine. Will they like me? Will I like them? I remember thinking, should I just put up with it? Is it really that bad? No and yes it was. Honestly, should we ever have to put up with a situation that makes you want to cry?

You see, before the 1st of September 2013 I worked on my doorstep. Literally 1-mile from our home and 1-mile from Lil G’s nursery. Heaven. So I thought, at the beginning any how. Part of me took the job because of the closeness. The role was a side step which I accepted, I was returning from maternity leave so I guess some things have to take a hit right? Sadly the closeness didn’t out way the difficulties I was facing. The ignorance to the pressures of a working parent. The micro management. The lack of flexibility. The team who really just were not me, except for one little lady, who really was my saviour. I couldn’t socialise with them. I didn’t enjoy their company. They were different.

As you know most days and week’s go by without a ‘mummy’ complication however some things just can’t be helped. Chicken pox. A sickness bug meaning exclusion for 48-hours. My baby boy not wanting anyone other than his mummy. As nice as that type of neediness is, it isn’t so much fun when you have a boss that didn’t understand. I dreaded making that phone call… ‘I can’t make it in today’. She (there is your problem) showed no understanding or empathy what so ever. She didn’t have children. It makes a difference.

Well, on a sunny day back in July 2013 I plucked up the courage to write the little letter known as my resignation. I am so glad that I did. For the month of August I enjoyed doing nothing but lazy days, spending time with my boy and being the housewife I struggle to be when working full-time. I remember thinking, you can breathe. Relax. There is now light at the end of the tunnel. A new beginning awaits you.

So, the start of September arrived and so had my new journey. I can breathe. I can be me. I can talk about my little boy and my family without thinking I was being judged or tutted at. I now work for and around people who not only have children themselves but who also understand that for the most part being a parent comes before anything else. I had agreed flexible working which meant I was able to work from home on a Monday and Friday and then commute into Manchester the remaining 3-days. The best part about working from home is the flexibility I have to do the Kindergarten run.

12-months on and I haven’t looked back once. I work for two male Directors who just get it. I am happy. More importantly Lil G is happy. I am so glad that I plucked up the courage and followed my heart.

Being a full-time working parent is tough at times, however knowing I have the flexibility to be a success at both makes a HUGE difference.








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26 thoughts on “This time last year…

  1. Ahh bless you I am so glad you found something that works for all of you. No one should have to do anything that makes them cry. I had a job like that when I first moved over it was SO tough! Good for you for trying something new and it all working out. thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great week. Thanks for the continual linky support! #sharewithme


  2. What a lovely post, I’m so glad you have found a working situation that suits you and your family. I love reading about the power of following your heart when something doesn’t feel right and I know exactly what you mean about being able to ‘breath’ when you make the decision to get out of a situation that is holding you back (even if just psychologically). Here’s to another happy 12 months at work for you 🙂 xx #sharewithme


  3. So amazing you’ve found a boss and role that gets motherhood. Love that photo too, just gorgeous! Thanks for linking up-can’t believe you’re in Manchester, I’m there lots, we need to meet! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


  4. So glad you’ve found an employer that just GETS it. in my old job pre-children it was such a great, family-friendly place, as ALL the male directors had young children, so totally understood if you needed to work from home one day, or come in a bit later whilst childcare was sorted. They often had to do it themselves so everyone was equal, no matter what the role, if that makes sense?! It really does make such a difference. If only more companies were family-friendly with flexible, then they’d be a lot more willing, motivated staff out there! #sharewithme


  5. Good for you and your newfound journey. It’s a shame about your previous employer, but I admire you for realizing the problem and stepping out of the way. Taking matters into your own hands can sometimes be the best thing to do. Your new position sounds perfect. I hope to be so lucky with a situation that still provides for my family and lets me spend time with my precious child as well. Thank you for sharing!

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  6. The bestest thing ever is when your boss just gets it and is really supportive. So glad its worked out for you. Its the hardest thing to get the right balance on and it looks like you’ve cracked it!


  7. You were very brave and made the right choice. Its lovely being about to work and still be a mummy. I wouldn’t change my job role. Being a mummy is number 1 priority always x


  8. Wow. What a moving account of what happened. I am a former HR Manager and it just angers me to think that parents are still being treated like this in the workplace. I mean, seriously, is this an acceptable way to behave in order to run a company? A more flexible approach ensures that you get the very best from employees. Anyway, I am glad that you have found something much better for you and your family, because after all this is the most important thing in life isn’t it. Enjoy your precious family time x x


    • Aww thank you lovely. Sadly there are still so many businesses out there with this silly attitude. As a senior finance recruiter I come across it far too often. Sadly it doesn’t create loyalty. As someone who has flexibility I feel committed & will log on whilst on holiday & generally work longer hours to compensate. It’s a balance isn’t it. Thank you for reading and sharing lovely x


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