And so it begins…

My Facebook & Twitter timelines have been a washed with beautiful pictures of my friends little ones all dressed up in their school uniforms. There is something rather cute about a 4-year old in their school uniform isn’t there! Ready to take on their next challenge. The official start of their education journey. Eek.

It really made me smile and I couldn’t help but think of this time next year when it will be our little boy, about to take his first steps into the big wide world of academia. How will he cope? How will I cope? Eek.

I digress, back to the point KA.

For some it was day 1 in a pre-school setting, for the majority it was the next stage as they move on to the big school. I was surprised by some of the reactions, from both the children and parents. Despite the last few week’s of wobbles and upset, there seemed to be more smiles than anything else. Phew.

The last few weeks I have seen my friends little ones upset, some distraught, bed wetting, having tantrums, downright refusals to go to school, generally being quite afraid. I’m so happy for my friends. Their little ones were full of excitement. It really is a beautiful moment in life, one to be enjoyed. One to be treasured. I wonder how many of them cried? The parents I mean!?

There seems to have been a distinct difference in the children’s attitudes in the run up to Day 1 at big school. I wonder why? I can’t help but think it comes down to the parents and how they have handled the run up. We all know that our children pick up on our emotions and anxiety. Is it that simple? Do you hide your feelings in the hope that they take this next step in their stride? Is it something to be teary of? Are we expecting too much of them at 4-years old? So many questions.

I am adding one more to the list… How did you prepare your little one for their first day at school?

Thankfully we have 12-months ahead of us before Lil G takes his first steps into the school playground. He is currently 3-years old and has been in a private day nursery from the age of 8 months. He moved to the Kindergarten Group, a pre-school setting back in May before he was 3 and he has taken it in his stride. I am hoping that these days, weeks, months and years in a setting not too dissimilar to school will prepare him for this momentous occasion. I bloody hope so, we’ve spent a small fortune.

We will however have the added complication of setting Lil G into a before and after school club. Already I have made the decision to utilise the 6-weeks before school starts to allow Lil G time to settle in to the club so that when the big day arrives, he won’t have to endure the stress of two unfamiliar settings.

I know that I am thinking way too far ahead, however as I see it the best laid plans are paved with good intentions. I may have already picked up the prospectus for the before and after school club! Eek. First though, I need to tackle the schools application form. I cannot believe that for the September 2015 intake I have to have my written application in before December! Eek.


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