Ode to Mr Lollipop Man…

photo (6)

You are the world’s most cheerful, professional, friendly and reliable Lollipop Man

You stand at the end of our road, ready to assist us

I love how you are helping me to teach Lil G to cross the road safely, to stop, look and listen

I love how you speak to him directly, never through me, Lil G loves it too

We actually don’t know your name, we really should ask you

Oh how we have missed you

Our morning walks to Kindergarten just haven’t been the same since the schools closed

We hope you had a lovely summer

Each morning as we have stepped out to make the walk to Kindergarten, Lil G has asked ‘is he there mummy’ … standing on his tip toes, trying to see if you were there

As we stepped out of our garden this morning and made our way to Kindergarten it was lovely to see Lil G’s reaction when he spotted you

‘Mummy look… there he is, look the Lollipop Man is back from his holidays’.

He was so excited to see you. He couldn’t help but run towards you. Giving you a big wave as he asked ‘Did you have a nice holiday?’

So cute

Thank you for making Lil G’s morning and thank you for helping us to cross the road for the last 2.5 years

We are so glad that you are back

See you next week Lollipop Man and have a lovely weekend



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