Looking back…

*Breaks into song*

Looking back over my shoulder…

We have recently had our little family holiday where we visited the peaceful Hayling Island and stunning Portsmouth Harbour (You can read it here). As chief photographer for the Hargreaves family most nights were spent with a glass of wine in hand, scrolling back through photographs, deleting those out of focus and editing those that just needed a little something.

Don’t you just love looking back. I particularly love looking back through Mr H’s camera roll, I often don’t see him taking pictures you see so when I find one of myself & Lil G I get rather excited.

photo (7)

photo (8)


I say that because it is generally yours truly that is the one capturing our time together. I don’t mind, I enjoy it. I just wish there were more photographs of us as our little family. Unless we have friends with us we never get the opportunity to take a snap. On the plus side it certainly makes those ones I do find on his roll more precious.

It’s something I do most evenings even when we’re not on a little holiday. Scroll back, recall the days gone by, smile blissfully at the memories they bring flooding back. I am most definitely a snap happy mummy. Before Lil G (it’s difficult to remember a time before), it was mainly the Cities and exotic locations we’d visited which flooded our camera rolls. Whereas now my camera and hard drive are awash with UK beaches, farms, parks, first experiences, toys, imaginative play and so many other toddler delights.

As we made the 4-hour journey home I decided to sit in the back of the car with Lil G. I thought it would be nice to look back through our holiday snaps together. He was delighted. It was his expressions and words which melted my heart. I could see Mr H smiling in the mirror too as Lil G said…

I loved that mummy
That was nice
Do you remember that mummy
That was fun
Ooh look mummy the beach, I liked that

It was such a lovely end to our holiday. So beautiful listening to him recall all the fun we had. He remembered every little detail, some bits which I had forgotten. We smiled and we laughed. We fell asleep.

There was a time when no sooner had you got home from your holibobs you were off to Jessops, Boots or Max Spielman to develop your holiday snaps. Do you remember? Why don’t we do that anymore? Or is it just me?

Do you still print off your photographs? Or like me do you upload them to your PC and hard drive, share them on social channels soon to be forgotten. With the occasional flick back.

I made a promise to Lil G on Sunday that we would print off our holiday photographs and sit down and go through them as a family. Lil G asked if we could show them to our doggy Alfie. Apparently he’d like to see where we went when he was with Nanny & Grandad!

I have a confession. I am a bad mum. I haven’t done it as yet, it is something I must do this weekend. Please remind me, if there is anyone reading this post would you do that for me.

My Word of the Week is ‘memories’.



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24 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. I am EXACTLY the same as you, in that I take lots of photos but hardly have any of me and the kids as Adam is rubbish at taking any photos (of anything!), it’s me who is snap-happy and takes loads! I am currently uploading all of our photos onto Snapfish ready to print off, as I’m terrified that if something happens to my laptop, they’ll all be gone! #ordinarymoments

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  2. We hardly ever print photos any more and I think it’s a shame. The screensaver on our main pc has a screensaver that shows saved photos randomly and we often end up sitting watching the screen show saying ‘remember that’ ! Glad to hear you had lovely hols – Portsmouth is my home town.


  3. I really need to print more of ours off, too. I keep meaning, too, and I’ve bought lovely photo albums to do so with, yet they all still sit there on the PC. Sounds like lovely way to end your holiday, reminiscing together over the snaps like that, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW, and now, go print those photos! x


  4. Printing out some photo’s is on my list of things to do next week. I agree, it’s usually me who reflects on the photographs as it’s me whose taken them. I used to love looking through photographs and so do the children now, they just don’t get to do it as often.


  5. Lovely post – that moment with Lil G looking back over your photos sounds wonderful. I grew up not far from Portsmouth and have happy memories of trips to Hayling Island. And I definitely remember waiting impatiently for holiday photos to be printed! I rarely print photos but I do make photo books for family birthdays and video slideshows of photos and video clips for my children’s birthdays and hubby’s birthday which we watch together to relive the memories. My computer background is also a rolling slideshow of my favourite photos so I get to see them frequently. Don’t forget to get your photos printed this weekend! 🙂


  6. I keep meaning to print of some of the many, many photos I’ve taken since A was born. I’ve been looking through some old ones recently and it’s so different to just seeing them on screen! Maybe we should try to remind each other 🙂

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