With only 99 days until Christmas and with our excitement building we were only too happy when Lil G got the bug too. Perfect timing as we went to double fingers on the countdown…

photo (1)

Let me take you back. It’s Monday 15th September, a rather autumnal day, the heating was switched on which meant that by the time Lil G arrived home from Kindergarten the house was all warm and cosy. We sat down for what we call a snuggle (a kiss and a cuddle) and had a little chat. Lil G then made his way over to Mr H and after over hearing their conversation I couldn’t help but look over. This is what I found…

They were looking through a catalogue, a catalogue full of toys, transformers to be precise, which had somehow made its way into our house. Let’s call that somehow Mr H! Lil G was naming all the auto-bots, his favourite is of course the same as Daddy’s … Bumblebee! This is what happened next …

photo (37)

I want that one, points finger, flicks page … and that one, and that one. You can see where this is going.

And then…

‘Dadddddyyyy do you think Santa will bring me all of them? I have been a good boy and a naughty boy’ (I think we may need to remind him of the rules!

Now for those of you that know us, you will understand that we are some of THE most ‘Christmas’ loving type folk you’ll ever meet. It is true that we spend the first half of the year planning Lil G’s birthday and the second half of the year planning Christmas. Some most will think we are crazy, others will admit to doing it themselves. I believe we are organised.

I have a couple of explanations, not that I need to explain myself on this here blog but let me fill you in…

1) it spreads the cost & leaves spare pennies to do Christmas type activities
2) you can get some bargains in the summer sales, you really can
3) how I see it is, if you blink your little ones childhood has gone in a nanosecond … Just like these magical moments
4) just because

We love Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe it feels this way because we celebrate so much at this time of year as a family. Mr H proposed one snowy Christmas afternoon in NYC, we married 2 years later at Christmas time here in the UK. My birthday is shortly after too. We love our time together as a family but also shopping for gifts, buying for our friends & family, filling our bellies with good food and bubbles.

Back to it… So it was of great pleasure to Mr H when he heard the magic words ‘shall we write a letter to Santa daddy’ … It is one of those things you think of when you know you’re having a little one. You look back at all the little things you enjoyed doing as a child. Right now it’s conkering, and very very soon it seems we will be writing Lil G’s first letter to Santa. Eek.

He’s making a list & checking it twice …

For the last 2 Christmas’s we have chosen the toys for Santa to pop into Lil G’s Sack. Pondered over which type of play he’s more keen on, asked for recommendations from his nursery, looked for signs from his play at home or when we visited friends houses. It seems our boy is growing up and is now choosing his own. The boy has good taste. Expensive taste might I add. On the one hand it adds to our excitement and certainly his. Will Santa deliver everything that he asks for? It’s OK. The money tree will pay for them right? Who’s garden to they grow in?

That was until the topic of Peter Rabbit came up, his new favourite story and soft toy. After holding a rabbit recently at a petting session at a local farm he would now like his own Peter Rabbit to look after.

photo (29)

Eek. How do I get around that one?

Worse still he’s also a huge fan of Paddington Bear at the minute … Let’s hope he doesn’t ask for one of those! How will Santa get a bear down the chimney! Double eek




7 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I can’t believe that’s all it is till Christmas. This year has flown by! It really has and I am overwhelmed with sorting it all out already. hahah Need to get photos for the christmas cards etc… New tree decorations and what will the kids want now that they are old enough to know how to open gifts. This year will be so fun. You just got me all excited and writing letters to Santa ! Hurray wow I think I need to calm down now. lol Christmas is my favorite time of the year can you guess. lol Lovely post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I completely agree, you’re not mad you’re just organised. My wife had bought all of the stocking fillers and little bits in the new year sales. We are just biding our time to find out what the latest fad they hook themselves onto and then commit to getting them.

    For all of the cost of last year though, my daughter’s favourite bit was getting a letter from Santa thanking her for the chocolate cupcake as it made a nice change from all the mince pies he had eaten, but next time he would like some double cream to pour on top. Cheeky Santa!


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