Old School vs Modern Stories…

As a young girl I really enjoyed picking up a book. Reading a new story. Following the journey of a character. Losing myself in the words and creating a world outside of the pages.When I look back, I can remember visiting our local library, seeking out new books and checking them out for a whole month. I don’t recall receiving new books as gifts. The library was where we got our books from.

Our library was a very impressive building, a Grade II listed building. If ever we drive through the area I still love to look over. Here it is…

Longton Library

It was a place we visited as a family. Inside it was full of high ceilings, huge radiators, comfy bean bags, and floor to ceiling shelves full of dusty books only to be reached by a ladder on runners! I always found looking for new books to be an adventure. It wasn’t always about the story. It was just as much about the look and feel of the book – interesting, unusual, boring, fascinating, memorable, heartbreaking, sad, happy, treasured, thick, short, skinny.

My love of libraries soon disappeared as I followed my education journey! Thankfully it returned.

It would appear that Lil G is following this same path. This makes me very happy. We don’t visit our library as often though, hardly ever in fact, Lil G has his own little reading corner in his bedroom which is soon to receive a little makeover thank you to the lovely people at GLTCo.         (post to follow in the coming weeks)

Our local library isn’t quite as impressive and there are no quiet areas to sit and escape into the pages like I remember. The ceilings are low. It’s dark and even a little claustrophobic. I need to remember it’s not about me! Despite all that, I did register Lil G with the library when he was a baby, we visited weekly to read stories and take part in a read & rhyme session.

We need to visit more. To him it will be an adventure I’m sure of it. Every second Friday at Lil G’s Kindergarten the Library van visits where the children select a book which they loan for 2-weeks. Apparently the staff have to remove him as he is so engrossed in choosing which book to read! Browsing the shelves. Choosing his favourites, changing his mind. Despite not looking very much like me (dam you Mr H!) he certainly does take after me in so many moods (not all good either!).

As someone who still enjoys to read, albeit on my Kindle now, I am delighted that Lil G gets so very excited when a new book arrives for him to read. He is a huge fan of the Julia Donaldson collection and many other modern stories like The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet and The Slightly Annoying Elephant. Who isn’t? However more recently he has taken a shine to some more traditional stories. Peter Rabbit (my favourite), Paddington Bear (my hubby’s favourite), Pinnochio and the Ladybird collection of stories with his favourite being Three Little Pigs and let’s not forget We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. He likes them for their size too, small, hardback, perfect for his little hands.

photo (11) Day 19 books


photo (39)

What type of stories do you and your children prefer?

One thing I have noticed is that no matter how beautiful these more traditional books are, the Peter Rabbit for instance, are really not written for a child are they? Well obviously they are, it is the writing I am referring to. Some of the language used is too difficult for Lil G to understand. Don’t get me wrong that doesn’t seem to ruin the story or fun for him however he isn’t able to recall the stories as much as he does with the Julia Donaldson collections or say Paddington Bear. I presume this is down to the style of writing, and illustrations?

I am dedicating my Word of the Week to … Books. The jury is still out on whether we prefer a traditional story or a more modern tale. Or maybe I should just sit on the fence and opt for a combination of both. Yes, that is what I will do!

 The Reading Residence


10 thoughts on “Old School vs Modern Stories…

  1. A great word…..My girls love reading and books!
    My eldest love Roald Dahl & Diary of a Wimpy kid books….A real mixture of old and new and my youngest will read just about anything her fave is still We’re going on a bear hunt x

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  2. I think a combination of old and new is definitely the way to go! There’s definitely no harm in kids having to work just a little harder to get a story from language that’s not quite as accessible – and I reckon it’ll set them in good stead later on… Arthur loves books, and I keep meaning to get to the library more often. Definitely something I want to encourage! x

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  3. Love this word! We have many of the books you mention, and Boo really enjoys tabby Mctat and she has all of those Dinosaur Pooped.. books! We do also read her Beatrix Potter library, and I totally agree with you, they don’t seem to be written for kids! I end up paraphrasing (oh, poor Miss Potter’s probably turning in her grave!) I like a mix of classics and modern, and both children have plenty, and we’re seemingly always getting more! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


  4. You know, our little boys sound very similar indeed. H is a massive bookworm too and adores a new book. That library is gorgeous. You know, I’ve not been to ours in years. But I went to our local WH Smiths recently. I used to LOVE going there as a kid and looking at the kid’s corner. It hasn’t changed and I bought some beauties for H.

    I know what you mean about Peter Rabbit and the like, so tough to read on a bedtime and actually quite violent! xx

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