My #LittleLoves

The days and weeks really are passing us by at the minute. Which is why I enjoy joining in with Morgana and the #LittleLoves crew. It is an opportunity to take a few minutes to look back over your week and appreciate your time together. With a cup of tea of course.

Without further a do here are my #LittleLoves


I have found myself reading more blogs this week which has been a little treat. I laughed out loud at Katie’s post ‘What random searchy things bring people to my blog’ here at Hurrah for Gin. I found a new blog this week too, it is written by Leigh and is called Headspace Perspective. She writes about the loss of her baby Hugo who was born at 24 weeks. I came across it after writing my own Premature Birth post called ‘a kiss and a cuddle is a snuggle’. Surprisngly, (I apologise to those who have seen it) this post was picked up by Mumsnet and was popped onto their front page yesterday which not only made me even more emotional but connected me to other parents of premature babies which I am thankful for.


I am glued to the #GBBO and was devastated for Martha when she was booted off this week. I just wanted to give her a big squeeze. I’m going to be brave and put out there who I think will win …. Well hedging my bets on two really. I say Luis or Richard. Who do you think will make it?

I also watched my gorgeous boy have his curly wurly locks cut off yesterday. We have had a little lot of pressure from Lil G’s Nanny to get his hair cut into more of a style, and rather than keep getting wound up and because I kind of agree, we gave in and booked him in with my hairdresser. He has had trims but this was only his 2nd major cut …

photo (54)

I have also enjoyed watching this little fella eat up all his meals this week through the help of the genius that is this #WinnerDinner plate. After 12-months of ‘I don’t like that’ and downright refusals to eat anything but cheese crackers and toast I gave in and purchased this very over priced plate …

photo (52)


I have succumbed to the autumn colours in my wardobe and popped on my woolly and invested in some new black boots. You can’t beat a chelsea boot!

photo (49)

I also pulled out the autumn coat too for my commute to the office. Despite being warm in the day, it is rather chilly on the train station platform. Adding a pop of colour to the commute…

photo (55)


The sound of some rather good ‘old tunes’ on Heart Radio as I travelled around meeting clients yesterday. You can’t beat a good sing song as you’re driving through traffic. That was until a van of work men pulled up beside me and started to giggle at my enthusiasm! I may have gone as pink as my coat! Eek


Lil G and I have been busy making autumn crafts this week which has been super fun. I’m not sure who had more fun. Here are our creations…

photo (15)

photo (51)

photo (50)

and lastly

It was a friends 30th birthday on Wednesday and as a surprise her fella has arranged for us all to meet at a lovely cottage in Hereford. A weekend full of friends, fizz and games. It will also be only the second time I have really left Lil G. Other than him sleeping over the road (literally) for a sleepover! Mr H is usually the one to stay out you see so he hasn’t been without both of us for any pro longed period of time. It will be a whole day and night on Saturday and until lunch on Sunday. Eek. I know he will have lots of fun with his Uncle Steven and then a sleepover with his best buddy Freddy but honestly I am currently all …. Eek inside.

Have a lovely weekend with your little ones and see you on which ever type of social media you pop up on.



11 thoughts on “My #LittleLoves

  1. Love the Autumn crafts….creative mummy! Your post on your don was so touching! Love the pink coat! I have been following your updates on IG about the food plate,glad to hear it’s going well! Hope you had a lovely weekend xxx


  2. Your Autumn crafts are fantastic, I’m seriously lacking in anything creative! Love the yellow cardi, and the expensive plate, it does look cool.
    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend away and congrats on being Mumsnet front page. xxx


  3. I LOVE Lil G’s plate, where’s it from?
    Your outfits are fab, I’m loving this Autumn weather and the outfits that come with it.
    Enjoy your weekend away, it’s tough leaving our little ones, but like you said I’m sure G will have a lovely sleepover xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I got it from Amazon lovely, it was a wee bit pricey at £25 but honestly it has been worth it to see him eating the variety. Thank you honey, it is tough, he will have fun, I will miss him though, time is so precious with working FT but we do deserve some time off don’t we. I won’t be doing it again until i’m 40! (6 years!) ha ha x


  4. Aww, I’m totally the same leaving my three pet. We don’t go away too much as a result! He’ll be totally fine though, and probably not even notice you are gone. And you will have a blast once you get there too! Amazing job on the Mumsnet post. You are such a lovely writer and I loved this post. Very, very much deserved! Have a gorgeous weekend sweetpea xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love everything about your little love this week!! I was so annoyed with GBBO result!! Everyone has bad weeks, and they base it on there performance that weekend which I think is a little wrong, it should go on the whole performance! {rant over} I love little G’s plate! So cool and would definitely inspire my two to eat there lunch/dinner.. The pictures are great, especially the owls! I am also loving the tweaks to the blog? Little changes? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning lovely, I think it is definitely a floor in the judging as can anyone really be 100% on it for each bake? But if some are then I guess it’s only fair. Aww thanks for the craft love, it’s all thanks to pinterest really, I am always looking for inspiration. Just a few tweaks by me on the blog hon. Although my new blog design will be live by mid October, I am very nervous about that! Excited too of course x


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