What to pack list…

This weekend I am leaving Lil G for a whole day, night and morning. Eek. Yes you heard that right … he is 3 years and 3-months and I have only ever left him once before and that was when he was 18-months old. It was for a Christmas Party too which was a bit pants so it all felt like it was for a waste of time. He has had 3 sleepovers in the last 6-months, but as his two best buddies live in the same street as we do  it isn’t quite the same. Double eek.

As I write this post I should be finishing off the packing, I am avoiding it, in the hope it will disappear and the reality that I am going to miss his beautiful little face sinks in.

You may be thinking … What a silly billy, oh just enjoy yourself, he’ll be fine, quick run run run. I know all of these things, Lil G will have a lot of fun. He is spending the day with his Uncle, he loves his sports car and will undoubtedly have fun and then he is off to his best best buddies house for a sleepover. He will be OK, I just wonder if the transition between the two will make him realise just how long we have been gone you see? And then there is tomorrow morning. Eek

So I thought I would use this time wisely and right my ‘What to pack list’ …

Lil G

  1. Day bag including spare clothes, water bottle and snacks
  2. Small toys – Spidy, Hulk, Thor and Obi wan Kenobi
  3. Gruffalo Trunki complete with pants (x2), socks (x2), Gruffalo dressing gown, Batman pj’s (x2), jeans, shirt (all x2)
  4. Today’s favourite teddy – Snowman and Roo
  5. Favourite story for bedtime – Gruffalo’s Child
  6. Thomas Reddy Bed
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Milk beaker (and milk)

Did I miss anything?


  1. Bag complete with snuggly socks, my favourite pj’s (which has to be Cath Kidston), underwear. clothes for tomorrow, a jumper too
  2. Wash bag complete with all the girly bits, I must not forget my moisturiser
  3. Fizz and Chambord
  4. Raspberries for the fizz
  5. Cake, Balloons, gift and card for the birthday girl
  6. Microwave popcorn (midnights snacks)
  7. Magazine and Kindle for the 2.5 hour journey
  8. Phone charger … Must not forget this

I feel like something is missing?

Mr H and I are off to meet some friends for a bit of a boozy weekend, an adult version of a sleepover I guess you could say! For those of you that know me … It will not consist of that much booze for me as I am a bit of a wet lettuce. A close friend turned 30 this week and as a surprise we (12 of us) are meeting her here …







I am very excited. Good food, drink, country walks, music, dancing, it’s a bit of a treat. We will be enjoying the time together without our littles. Most get togethers these days are with children, which actually suits me as I don’t really drink. I fear tomorrow’s hangover already … The silver lining is that I won’t hear Lil G’s voice at 6am …. Hello i’m awake, are you awake? (although I am a little bit sad about that too)

Eek have you seen the time, it is 7.42am and we are set to be leaving at 9am. Double eek. Enjoy your weekend lovelies.

KA x



Badge 150 x 150 The List #4


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