Movie night

Sunday evenings in the Hargreaves house always end with a movie. It’s our thing. Our Little Family tradition. Well it’s Mr H’s thing actually, which he introduced to me some 9-years ago when we first met. The tradition has stayed with us over the years, and I’m glad, it turns out that Lil G is as much a movie buff as we are. Our furry baby is all to happy to get involved on the snuggly action too.

It goes a little something like this … (Q the music!)

We batten down the hatches at 5pm, pj’s on, blankets at the ready, cushions puffed and if we’re lucky a box of popcorn to share.

photo (56)

Lil G calls it Cinema time.

We refuse entry to all door knockers, our family and friends know that we are not to be disturbed, we literally hide away and snuggle under a blanket. As I type this I can’t help but think how ruthless does it sound? We justify it by saying to ourselves that this is our time, just for us. It’s something we look forward to. Truth be told, we’re pretty ruthless with this time. The way we look at it, is that we won’t get this time back. We tailor our plans on a Sunday to fit in with this schedule. It even came up in one of the readings at our wedding. You can see where Lil G gets his Georgeisms from can’t you! That would be Mr H!

As the autumn weather creeps in we’re all too happy to snuggle up under a blanket and savour the last few hours of precious family time. Even more so today as Mr H and I snook off early yesterday for the day and night and morning to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Nothing quite replaces family time does it? Weekends seem to fly by. Movie Night has become one of The Ordinary Moments for Our Little Family.

The biggest questions are…

Which movie will it be?

Sweet or salted?

A question for you … Do you have a thing? I’d love for you to share it with me.

KA x


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21 thoughts on “Movie night

  1. Oh I love little family traditions and movie night is the best especially with popcorn. Although I don’t say sweet or salted I say sweet & salted together. So yummy mixed. I swear I could live off it. Great ordinary thing to do that has made it special and a time you can cherish forever together. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

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  2. I love this tradition, and the fact that you refuse any interruptions (door knocks or otherwise) makes it even better. Great quality time with the family, indeed!

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  3. I wish we could have cinema night as our family thing as I’m a massive movie buff (or was before children) but there’s no way my two would sit still for that (maybe unless they made a feature length Peppa Pig!). Our ‘thing’ is rapidly becoming a Saturday morning brunch at a brilliantly child friendly pub right next to Farnborough air field! X

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  4. What a great idea! If you have something that brings you together as a family like this, I think you have to be utterly ruthless. I can completely understand why you wouldn’t want to skip it!
    I’m the same with breakfast on a weekday. Sounds odd, but we’re lucky enough not to have to rush in the mornings. I love that we can play a bit, eat together, have a chat before we all go off to do our own thing. I get so grumpy if either myself or Mr P&P has to get to work early and the routine is upset!

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  5. Ah this is lovely, sounds a great little family tradition you have got going, especially with popcorn. We try and do similar on a Sunday afternoon but it is hard cause at the moment LL isn’t to interested in sitting still for a whole film. Perhaps we need to make more of it and get popcorn and things, it’s a really cute idea! x


    • For Lil G it’s an adventure, we have to move the room around, push all the covers together & literally pretend we’re in the cinema. I love how he’s bought into it. Mr H and I have always enjoyed the time so it’s just super that Lil G does too. Have you popped on Toy Story for LL? It was the first movie which gripped him x


  6. I love this and would love to be able to have a routine like this in our house – with Hubby’s shifts it’s just not possible. But most days we have an hour before dinner where we snuggle on the sofa, have a drink and watch TV x

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