Mummy I don’t like it…

… when Charlotte kisses me. And so it begins. Are we really here already? May I remind you that Lil G is 3 years old. Not 13, Not 23 … Just 3! Eek. The time has come for me to wrap my Lil G up in cotton wool and hide him away from the rest of the world. From the world of dating. Eek. Oh just the thought makes me cringe.

Just for a second, allow me to share with you how our little conversation went…

Me: Who’s Charlotte sweetie?

Lil G: *tuts* She’s a girl in Kindergarten silly

Me: Oh, she’s probably just trying to be your friend. Is she nice?

Lil G: No mummy, she keeps grabbing my arm, holding my head, and kissing me

Me: Eek (inside that is) Have you thought about giving her a cuddle and then maybe she’ll stop?

Lil G: She keeps doing it mummy. I don’t like it. She keeps kissing my cheek, pulling my arm, she makes me angry mummy *growls*

Me: Ok, well I promise you she is just trying to be nice, I think she likes you and wants to be your friend. Would you like Charlotte to be your friend?

Lil G: mmmmm *puts a finger to mouth* No mummy, Charlotte is bigger than me, I don’t want to be her friend. She keeps following me. I don’t like it. She sits next to me at dinner time as well. I want to sit next to Tommy. Tommy is my friend mummy. Not Charlotte *sighs*

Me: Ok sweetie, well don’t worry. Have you told Julie or Alice what is happening? (KG staff)

Lil G: Yes mummy I told Alice

Me: And what did she do?

Lil G: They moved her away from me so I could eat my dinner, but she came back *sighs*

Me: *scooped him up for a cuddle* I promise you sweetie, Charlotte is just trying to be friendly. When you are a big boy I am sure you will want to be friends (we all know this is true!)

Lil G: No mummy, I will hide

Me: Good idea kid (phew and wipes brow)

And there you have it. The dilemmas of a 3-year-old. Oh to be young and free of all stresses in life. Don’t you just love their innocence? Their complete disregard for something which is actually quite sweet but to them a huge annoyance. I’m quite excited that the girls are chasing him already. Who wouldn’t right? He’s bloody gorgeous.

photo (66)


16 thoughts on “Mummy I don’t like it…

    • I felt a little sorry for Charlotte too. She’s very persistent. As soon as we walked into KG yesterday she was waiting to see him. Very sweet. He hid by my legs bless him! Treat em mean keep em keen. I think that’s what he’s going for x


  1. Aww this is so gorgeous, clearly a heartthrob already, so cute! My friends 1 1/2 yr old daughter couldn’t get enough of Monkey last week, so many kisses and cuddles it was hilarious, as Monkey was desperate to get away! Xx #pocolo


  2. Aww bless, he is a handsome little chap. Poor Charlotte and her first unrequited love 😉 Actually one of my earliest memories at school was a boy called Derek who kept wanting to kiss me and I always ended up in tears. I think it had an affect on me, I didn’t have a ‘boyfriend’ until I was 12 years old after that!


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