Our Little Family Loves…

Well hello lovely #LittleLoves crew

Have you had a good week? I won’t lie, this week has been tough. Lil G has woken most mornings anything from 2am to 5am and what with a full day at work and then some writing deadlines which had to be hit, I am one very tired KA. All that said, I have really enjoyed the writing and the feedback has been lovely so I think I will cope. This blogging world I have fallen into is rather lovely and I feel rather blessed to have found friends and some readers.


photo (70)

I took the opportunity to read one of my favourite magazines whilst being pampered at the salon. Drinking a hot cup of tea is a bit of a rarity these days so I enjoyed two!


The finale of Ray Donovan. Wow. A couple of twists I wasn’t expecting, I guess that’s why we enjoy it. We are very much looking forward to Walking Dead starting. Eek. I still can’t quite get over how it ended in the last season. Ooh it’s going to be good.


Just like Morgana it’s been all about my boots this last week. With my jeans, with dresses, with skirts, oh yes they haven’t left my feet.


A lot of laughter, singing and general girly chat from our weekend away last weekend to Hereford. I was lucky enough to be asked to review the Barn we had chosen for the weekend. We were so happy with it and ladies I would highly recommend Sykes Cottages. If you fancy a read, it’s here. And here I am with the birthday girl…

photo (71)

Have you heard the new Damien Rice album? Superb. My Favourite Faded Fantasy is the name. He hasn’t released an album for eight years I think it is. Listening to his music did bring back a few sad memories, as one of my hubby’s very close friends passed recently at the age of 34, it was also one of his favourite artists.


I have a few little treats for you here.

Firstly a classic bangers & mash with onion gravy. A favourite of Lil G’s…

photo (72)

The early starts has meant that I had to bring out the ‘big guns’ this morning to get me through one last work day. I think I may need an alternative to caffeine as of late it doesn’t seem to be working. 3-years of abuse to cope with the early starts which George has blessed us with has finally caught up with me. I think I am immune to caffeine. Any suggestions?

photo (67)

The mornings have definitely been cooler and so have the nights so we have very much enjoyed snuggling up under a blanket in our cosy living room. The room which is 9/10 times child free. Oh yes, George Archie is banned from the room.

photo (68)

Our gorgeous George is testing us at the minute. The little monkey is pushing every button and pushing every boundary so I pulled out the reward chart. It’s going ok. I’ve tried to keep it simple. The rewards are minimal but he chose them. A transformer out of the Kinder Eggs (84p) and Mixels (£3.00). They are basically lego.

photo (69)

And lastly…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been consumed with thoughts about Lil G’s premature birth. Thinking about how lucky we are to have him in our lives. You see, we nearly lost him, those first 12-hours were critical. We are so lucky. Sadly some little ones don’t make it.

I came across this on Pinterest and we have decided to have these words made into a sticker for above his bed. We love you so much kid *mwah*.

photo (2)

Enjoy your weekend lovelies. See you online or if not then next week.

KA x

Fancy joining in?

Just copy the headings and use them as prompts.



4 thoughts on “Our Little Family Loves…

  1. It’s not easy is it when they regress back to waking up at night! One week you think you have cracked it, the next they are waking at stupid O’ clock again! Your living room looks so cosy, perfect for winter nights!
    It’s 7am and my yummy is rumbling after seeing the bangers & mash – cabt beat an old favourite! Hope ye are having a lovely weekend xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Morning, Lil G is always a 6am, I can cope with 5am’s although tired by the end of the day but in the middle of the night wow it’s tough, I just want to drop him at KG and go back to bed, but oh no it’s the commute hitting me. Ha ha. Perhaps a bacon butty is best for 7am hon. Happy Sunday x


  2. Awww that quote is really lovely. I hope you’re ok xx
    Those boots look so comfy, I’m not surprised you are wearing them so much.
    Your lounge looks really cosy, I’m jealous of your fireplace. I’d love one here.
    I am a major coffee lover and have just gone on the Whittard website because of your photo….by the looks of it you are going to get me in trouble. Haha! It looks amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning, it’s a lovely quote isn’t it. I am ok thank you my dear. Just some week’s it’s hard not to think about how hard it was for him in those initial weeks and months. He’s very healthy now, I think it’s more the emotional side for me as we lived and breathed the trauma. The boots are comfy, I highly recommend them, they are from Next hon. We were brought the coffee see from Whittards last Christmas, there was maybe 12 boxes I think. A great gift actually. With the boxes being small you know that it won’t be long before you can try the next flavour. Starbucks coffee’s are great too hon. Enjoy your weekend x


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