Review: Sling Bookcase: Great Little Trading

When I was asked to review the Sling Bookcase from Great Little Trading, it couldn’t have been timed more perfectly!

You see, Our Little Family loves to read, explore new books, all in the name of fuelling Lil G’s imagination. The one thing we were missing was somewhere to store them, with the ever-growing collection of oddly shaped books which meant a rather messy book shelf.

In the words of GLTC … The Sling Bookcase is perfect for all those outsized children’s books. We wholeheartedly agree.

photo (82)

When looking at furniture for Lil G’s bedroom it has to be 1) easy to build 2) durable and 3) eye-catching. Let’s tackle each of these points separately.

1) Easy to build: I can confirm that like all GLTC furniture and toys we have in our house the bookcase was easy to construct. Instructions matching up perfectly which is a bonus when presented to my non DIY friendly hubby (sorry Mr H!). No sooner had we unpacked the bookcase, it was built. Proudly standing waiting for Lil G to fill it with all his favourite books.

photo (76)

2) Durable: The sling is washable which let’s face it is always a bonus when you have a mucky paws of a toddler in the house. As some books can be a little weighty and what with the ever-growing collection it is handy that the rods holding up the fabric are solid wood.

3) Eye catching: There are 3 prints available to order which you will find here. You have the plain white option which would suit a bright and colourful bedroom, allowing the colours of the books to stand out. The rainbow star which would sit perfectly in a playroom and our favourite, the Navy Star. Lil G’s bedroom is quite plain in terms of colour, leaving the furniture to stand out, therefore adding this eye-catching bookcase fitted perfectly into his bedroom. If like us, you have fallen in love with the Navy stars, fear not GLTC have a whole range for you to delve into right here.

photo (81)

I thought it would be nice to ask Lil G what he likes about the bookcase. Here are his answers…

1) It’s perfect mummy (I can’t argue with that!)

2) I can see all my books mummy (I completely agree with this, perfect for toddlers who aren’t quite reading but recognise their favourite books by the front cover)

3) I can reach all my books my myself mummy (He’s right, other than leaving his books on the floor we have them stacked on a shelf which is out of reach. We all know how independent our toddlers like to be!)

Since popping the bookcase in Lil G’s bedroom we have noticed that he is choosing different stories at bedtime. Rather than just the ones to hand. We believe this is because he can see all of his bedtime books in one place. Facing forward. He has also taken great pleasure in organising and reorganising his books. Not once, twice but three times in one week. Toddler fun!

photo (78)

On several occasions I have found Lil G is his room just looking through his books. On seeing this I felt a little bit of guilt, that we hadn’t organised his books sooner. Without prompt he had taken himself off to his room, sitting quietly, recalling all his the favourite parts in his chosen books. It’s rather cute don’t you think…

photo (75)

photo (77)

He has officially called this spot his reading corner. Which has made me smile so much. Lil G has the wildest of imaginations so when I stumbled across this beautiful scene one morning my heart melted…

photo (74)

There is just one thing left …. We are now just looking for the perfect sticker to go above his bookcase to finish off his reading corner. Even without the sticker we have one very happy little boy.

photo (79)

And there you have it, Our Little Family review of the Great Little Trading, Navy Star Sling Bookcase. We are star crazy for it! And to top it off GLTC currently have a *Special Offer* running, there’s 15% off the Sling Bookcase until midnight tonight (6/10/14)! Enter code ABACUS

* NB we were awarded this item free of charge for the review of this product, all words are my own

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22 thoughts on “Review: Sling Bookcase: Great Little Trading

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  2. We bought a book sling recently but this one from GLTC is ace. I love the stars on it too and the photos. Haha, he looks like a right little reader with all his teddy pals listening! #triedandtested


  3. I have just been researching what book storage to get for my 19 month old so this has come at a great time for me too! This looks perfect.. Can you fit a lot of books on it? As I read a couple of reviews that say you can’t fit many. Thanks for posting x


  4. I have had my on this up for sometime and you have convinced me to make the purchase. You are so right that having the books displayed like that helps them to see what books they actually have. That picture of him reading to his toys is just amazing! I love reading and so want B to continue to enjoy it too Xx

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