Life post-kids

Nothing is the same once you have kids.Whether it’s your pelvic floor, dam you childbirth (thank the lord for Tena Lady), or your inability to stay awake past 10 pm (what would I do without Sky+). Life has changed.

In some ways, just a little bit (only a teeny tiny bit) it has changed for the worse. For me that would be the fact that our toddler loves 5 am, there really should be just one that I see in any given day. And the second, that I don’t get to drink cocktails and dance on a dance floor in a night club anymore. Carefree, losing myself in the music. I am just too tired. I’m like the modern-day Cinderella, rather than turning into a pumpkin at midnight I fall asleep. Literally my eyes close and I have to leave. It is a standing joke with my friends. At a recent birthday bash I made it until 12.45 am … The girls were rather impressed. The first time since the 26th June 2011. Woohoo.

However, and for me anyway life changed for the better when Lil G arrived. He made what I now refer to as Our Little Family. He made us complete.


It goes without saying that becoming a parent changes you, it alters the way you see things, how you prioritise things, how you view work. It hasn’t changed the things I love. I just don’t get to do them as often as I’d like or am able too.

It is safe to say that all parents are in the same boat. Sailing along on this parenting journey trying not to wish away the early years in the hope for a lie-in. To be able to enjoy a drink without the fear of a 5 am start with a hangover. How is it our toddler has so much energy at such an ungodly hour? Or the day when I can take up my revenge on an unsuspecting teenager! Now that is something to look forward to. It will most definitely involve a bucket of water (I will pretend it is wee for all the times he has wee’d on me), then there will be the smacking on the head with a Spiderman toy or worse still a Hobby Horse … the list is endless.

Some parents cope with it better than others. Some mummy’s still manage to dress like Carrie Bradshaw (I hate you, actually I am just jealous!). Some just adapt. Some go on to have many more and some stick at the one *puts hand up*. Some have to work incredibly hard to balance the life of a working parent combined with the guilt. Some crumble at the mere sign of dirt (Mr H, if you are reading this then I am talking to you dear!). Some revel in the mess and take it in their stride (Mr H, take note).

I know I am a mummy when … leaving the house for work on my 3-days commuting or a rare night out with the girls, I find myself running around the house in my bra and knickers, well actually I’m covered up with an old t-shirt so as to cover the sight of my post pregnancy body *cries*. Only popping on my outfit at the last second so as not to get toothpaste on it, greasy fingers or worse, poop.

 Sure, life has changed, it has without question … I wouldn’t change it for the world. Happiness is Life as our little family. Tough on some days and most definitely tiring but amazing.

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50 thoughts on “Life post-kids

  1. So very true. A few months back I wrote a letter to myself pre-kids (seven years ago), and by the end of it I realised that, much as I loved our life pre-kids (lots of travel, always out and about), I enjoy life with kids just as much. It isn’t better or worse – it’s just different, and I realise now that my life would be poorer for not having had the experience of being a dad.

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  2. Isn’t that the truth….it’s so impossible to explain exactly how different life is post kids, for better AND for worse, though eventually the worse bits fade away and it’s all just better! I find it really weird even imagining life pre-kids now ! #thetruthabout


  3. So true that your world changes completely with the introduction of children and it’s interesting to read this perspective from a mother of one as well because it’s been over two years since I was in that position. Sometimes these days I wonder if life would’ve been that much easier to have an only child, but now i realise that the grass isn’t greener pre-children or pre-child no.2 because your past self only sees the pros and of course the cons of the moment being lived right then and there. Having children certainly makes life richer for certain. Thanks so much for linking up with me this week for #thetruthabout hon 🙂 Xx


  4. Love this post – so true that our lives completely change with parenthood and it is tough in many ways but I wouldn’t change it for the world either. Although I wish I could bottle up some of that 5am energy – am sure it would be so much more effective than that much-needed cup of coffee. And I’m with you on getting dressed at the last minute to avoid getting covered in gunk


  5. Love this post hon, completely honest but really sweet too. It’s the same here, up all night feeding the baby, girls up at the crack of dawn but I wouldn’t have it any other way I guess xx #thetruth


  6. What a darling post and becoming a parent changes EVERYTHING. Its insane. Everything frm your shape, appearance, tiredness, your friends….but I wouldnt change a thing of it…oh maybe a lie in or two at some point would be nice, haha! Thanks fro linking up with #MMWBH

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  7. Lovely post, life changes irrevocably and it be tiring and challenging as much as utterly forfilling and we wouldn’t change any of it for the world! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts Please add my badge or link back, thanks x

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  8. Love the cartoon photo! Nice post – even though I only have 8 weeks parenting experience, a lot of this sounds familiar (well, maybe not the pelvic floor!). We may be tired and unable to do previous things, but as you say, wouldn’t change it!


    • Good morning! Thank you my dear, it was doodled by @HannahsDoodles – can highly recommend. She’s amazing. Ha ha yes sorry about the pelvic floor comment! The sleep deprivation will always be the hardest part, good news you’re nearly through the tough first few weeks. You’ll see even more joy when the 11 week point passes you by x


  9. Oh, this is so lovely! You are so right too Kerrigan-Ann, life is absolutely never the same again, but it’s the richer for it, isn’t it? (Even if it does involve very early starts and the odd bit of poop!) Gorgeous post xxx #sharewithme

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  10. Having been out a few times with baby goo on my shoulder (and not realised) I definitely do the getting dressed at the last minute thing! Lovely post, it is so true that life changes in a way I don’t think you could ever imagine and yet, you wouldn’t really change it for the world (well…maybe some parts of it I would!) #sharewithme


  11. Great post and I have been thinking about this a lot lately… I think the imminent arrival of no.2 is slightly terrifying me as I know it is like we are going back to the beginning again and all those things I have gradually clawed back (nights out with friends etc) are again out of reach for a little while. I wouldn’t change it and I know it is worth it but it really is not an easy prospect to face! Xx #mmwbh


  12. Oh yes, there are days when I wonder why I did it…but mostly I am delighted to be in the presence of my two little, incredible people! I can’t deny that I miss having money to do with what I please, or the ability to decide to quit work and go travelling…but that will come back again. Just now I love being a mum too!

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    • Ooh yes, I didn’t mention money did I! But yes. Affording 2 mortgages really when paying for childcare costs. I love being a mum too and if i’m honest I have put a lot on hold to enjoy this time as I will never get it back. x


    • Aww thank you lovely, sometimes I find myself in a bit of a pickle when the door knocker goes and Lil G is shouting mummy the door, but I can’t get dressed quick enough find myself hanging around the door covering all my bits! Eek


  13. Ah, this is such a lovely post. Life changes in every way doesn’t it. I nodded my head along to all of these things. It’s funny though – I can’t even remember in some ways what it was like when it was different. Definitely a change that has enriched our lives. Like you – I wouldn’t have it any other way x


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