Love The Little Things

Well hello there. This post is linking up to the #LittleLoves over on Morgana’s blog ‘But Why Mummy Why’ where we come together each week and share the little things we have loved that week.


This week I have enjoyed catching up on a number of blogs which I enjoy reading. There are so many now but it is always nice to stumble across a new one. I was touched this morning when I read Kiran’s post over on Mummy Says. Sadly she has been hit very hard by trolls due to a post she wrote on teaching her boy about feminism. Kiran is a very talented writer, I find it really sad that she is now stepping away from her blog. The trolls have done this because of all the dreadful things they wrote about her and the family.


Wow. The final episode of GBBO. Ooh I didn’t see Nancy winning. She is lovely of course and very consistent but for me Richard was the winner. Granted he didn’t do too well in the final but to have taken the ‘Star Baker’ trophy 5 times in the series he really did deserve to win. Luis’ final bake was EPIC as they say. A very talented man too. As I type this post (Thursday night) Mr H is watching Home Alone. Yikes this can only mean one thing … We’re thinking CHRISTMAS. Yay. If you didn’t know we are the most giddy people about all things Santa Claus. And then there’s the X-Factor and Strictly. Mr H can go out every Saturday if it means I get to watch them both in peace.


Well, hasn’t the weather changed. Autumn has arrived. I do love this time of year. I don’t love the rain. Last weekend Mr H was away celebrating a friend’s birthday which meant that Lil G and I went on little dates over the two days. Heaven. We embraced the autumn weather and had a little matchy matchy day, sharing our love for mustard.

photo (84)

I am completely in love with my Chelsea boots. They make me so happy. I also indulged in a new pair of brogues at the weekend as a little treat for a little writing gig which I have just secured *eek*. I am yet to wear these beauties …

photo (85)


Not too much if I am honest. The only thing that springs to mind is my gorgeous George. I caught him in his room reading to a collection of his teddy’s. It really was the sweetest thing.

photo (74)


Let me see. Lil G and I took to the kitchen and made fajitas. Easy. Quick and colourful which always interests the boy.

photo (87)

photo (86)

And lastly…

I am now in possession of my new blog design. The lovely Helen over at Ellie Illustrates has unbelievably interpreted my brief and I couldn’t be happier. She has a few tweaks to make and then I will have a lovely new brand complete with business cards in a few short days. I cannot wait to share it with you.

We have a lovely weekend ahead. Just Us. The last two weekends have been a little busy so we are all very much looking forward to it. It’s all about family this weekend. Lazy mornings, snuggles and home cooked food.

Ooh, one last thing. I woke up last Saturday morning to find that I am a finalist in the Love All Dads Awards 2014. I am a finalist in the ‘Non Dad Blog’ category which really made me smile. I have a little soft spot for Daddy Bloggers and support where I can as often their voice isn’t heard as much. So, to find that I had been shortlisted was so lovely, I am touched to have a few people who read my blog let alone for them to vote for me.

That’s all folks. Have a lovely weekend.

KA x



18 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. How fab on being in the awards, well done! I adore that picture of George reading to his toys, so sweet. Hope you enjoyed your weekend (sorry am terribly behind on commenting!) #littleloves

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  2. As you well know KA i am no blogger!!! However i was up and about super early this morning and i thought i would have a proper look at your website or do i say blogsite???? Anyway its completely wonderful … i love it and i have just spent a lovely 15 minutes with a cup of coffee smiling my way through it. Thankyou xxx


  3. Fabulous little loves KA, love the mustard matchy outfits! I love fajitas and used to have them all the time but hubby’s gone off them so not had some for ages 😦
    Congrats on the nomination and I can’t wait to see your new blog design, so exciting! xx

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  4. Fajitas has to be my favourite meal ever! Yours looks delicious! I was shocked by this years result, but still very well deserved! I honestly thought Richard was going to win it!

    Great little round up this week lovely! Have a lovely weekend x


  5. A fantastic round-up!

    I am slightly sad that GBBO has finished now and Richard may have broken my heart a little by not winning! Although Nancy was a very worthy winner.

    Thanks for introducing this linky to me! 🙂

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  6. Gorgeous pictures and littleloves as always Kerri-Ann! I especially love the mustard co-ordination – just gorgeous! And well done on your nomination – that’s so fantastic! 🙂 Have a really lovely weekend! Xxx

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  7. What a lovely round up Kerri-Ann!
    I’ve just read Kiran’s fantastic post on Feminism and so very saddened that she’s had such a rough time about it, I really hope she comes back fighting.
    Oh just look at all that mustard yellow, my absolute favourite and perfect for this time of year… and those shoes! Love them.
    Have a great weekend, and congrats on being a finalist! xx

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