Military Precision

Sometimes I find the 3-days a week where we are governed by a routine tougher than others. Yesterday was a tough one although like most things where a toddler is concerned it changed rather quickly to something beautiful *phew*.

WotW Routine

Yesterday Lil G was sat on the bathroom floor, crying as he didn’t want to go to Kindergarten. Taking my 2-minute shower with an audience of a toddler & a doggy often makes me chuckle, if not a little sad as I never get to enjoy a long hot shower or bath for fear of stepping on a toy or hearing a little voice saying, come on mummy. Oh the memories.

Today this made me sad, but for a very different reason. Lil G was sitting on the bathroom floor in his usual spot patiently waiting, but today he was crying, heartbroken. You know those little things which seem to reduce your toddler to tears. It’s actually something quite small but for them it’s huge.

‘I want to stay here with you mummy, I want to snuggle’.

Oh how I want that to kid. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but who doesn’t love to snuggle. It’s so hard to walk away and head off to work when your little one is telling you that they don’t want you to go. Especially as the mornings are so dark now and if this weeks anything to go by a bit chilly willy too.

As a Thursday is one of my commuting days I really have to work to a military precision routine to combine a drop off to Kindergarten & then a dash to the station in order to get into Manchester. The balance of being a full-time working parent takes its toll on you some days doesn’t it? So when something like this happens it makes me sad, sad to I feel that I can’t just sit on the floor with him. Historically, and due to the fraught routine on these 3-days, I have had to brush something like this under the carpet and rush on along. It’s left me feeling guilty. I am sick of the guilt. Not today. There is a reason why a military precision routine works and that’s because I factor in an additional 15 minutes for those emergency visits to the bathroom, or I notice food or grease on my dress, the toddler meltdowns!

As any parent would I dropped down to the floor and scooped him up, held him tight and reassured him about his day ahead. He was off to KG to play with his friends, he had swimming in the afternoon which he loves, and then Daddy would be there to pick him up before collecting me from the train. He soon realised he had a super fun day ahead, and that I was off to work and within a few minutes he was happy and back to being his joyful morning self.

You see Lil G is like me, a stickler for a routine. Previously I have written about how Lil G would often ask me ‘where am I going?‘ … This used to make me sad and feel incredible guilt however I now realise that he actually just wants to know what the plan is. He’s like me. The boy doesn’t look like me but he certainly has some a lot of my personality. Some good, some bad (as Mr H would say!).

He got his days mixed up. He thought it was Friday. I work from home on a Friday you see, which means the start of our day isn’t so rushed, I have the pleasure of walking my gorgeous boy to KG. No stress, no rush. We talk about the week, run, walk, hop, skip. It is one of my favourite times of the week. It’s lovely. However what this also means is that occasionally Lil G has those days like us, where he doesn’t want to leave the cosy warm bed he’s made and believes he can stay at home with me. Yesterday was one of those days.

Before now he has even pleaded with me and made a pinky promise that he will play with his toys quietly and won’t shout if I’m on the telephone. The things they pick up on ey.

I learnt a little lesson yesterday. To take a step back. To imagine the world from a little boys eyes. Does it really need to be so much of a rush. To utilise the spare 15 minutes I have in my routine to understand what’s troubling him and to reassure him. That way we both leave each other happy and settled. Life is too short. Our  Little Family is too precious. The train doesn’t leave early, so as long as I make it then it’s OK to slow things down a little.

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6 thoughts on “Military Precision

  1. Ah bless. JJ used to ask me every day “where we going in morning mummy?” and I think it was because our ‘routine’ is just a little bit different every day – it was one day me, one day nursery, one day my mum, one day his daddy, then back to me, then me and his daddy together – he never really knew what was going on! It does definitely help them, certainly the older they get, if you put it in perspective and remind them of all the good things they have in store and I love that you’ve built in the time to do that! X #wotw


  2. This is all so true, and what a difference those few minutes make. Similarly, I add in an extra few mins to our school run mornings, so that if the kids want to play for a bit before we go, run about, chat or hug each other, they can, without me harassing them out of the door. Means a lot, I think. And it’s lovely that your little boy is so like you and you can relate to him in this way, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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  3. Great advice – I get stressed when the routine doesn’t run quite to time; but I’m cross with myself afterwards and like you have to remind myself that family time is precious. Routine is good, but flexible routine is better 🙂 Jess x


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