It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas! Yes that’s right, it is mid-October and yes I am talking about the festive period known as Christmas. I am afraid that it is something which you need to accept if you wish to stay friends *hides behind the sofa*. Please don’t go…

Yay. Yippee. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For us anyhow! And a few other lovely bloggers too which is just great. At least I know some of you will be reading this and smiling rather than swearing profusely at the screen.

I warn you dear followers, this is the first of many Christmas related posts I will be popping onto my blog. I thought I would mix it up for you (I’m good like that!), some all of Christmas cheer (of course), some helpful posts about some of the Christmas activities we have done in years gone by, what we have planned for this year, a toy review or 2 courtesy of Great Little Trading and of course a certain little Elf may also make an appearance. Eek. I am so excited about this…


photo (99)

So, I have a little confession to make. Today is Sunday 12th October and I can tell you that the last present on Lil G’s letter to Santa Claus was purchased yesterday. All that is left is to WRAP! Eek. Wow we are mighty efficient this year. Well actually we have been shopping since July for Lil G. Bit by bit we have picked up items. Some were heavily reduced in the sales, thank the lord for Amazon! Only two items were full price. There is something to be said for shopping early my little lovely readers. Lil G is a lucky boy I tell you. Let’s hope our Elf on the Shelf pops Lil G on the Nice list.

Don’t get me wrong we are yet to buy family, friends and the little ones which we do each year. We just love writing a list, looking around at toys thinking Freddy will that one, Annabella will love that one. It’s all rather exciting and leaves you with a warm feeling inside. As does the festive hot chocolate…

photo (96)


Something we need to decide this year, maybe you can help me with this … What do we do about the gifts we give to Lil G’s friends and our family? Do we hide them from him? Does he hand them out before Christmas Eve as we have done previously? Does he help with the wrapping? Will he suspect that Santa isn’t real if there are presents under the tree for others? Confused I am! Help.

As we have been getting into the Christmas spirit over the last couple of week’s, or should I say the shops have…


photo (97)


photo (98)


…So has Lil G. Sunday nights for us are movie night, tonight Lil G requested this one – ‘Are you ready for Christmas day to come, Sing it with me or if you’re a monkey hum’. (If you watch it, those are the words your little one will be singing until you put the box away for next year!) Forget Frozen it will be nothing but Curious George!


photo (95)


And there you have it. My 1st Christmas post. *Does a little dance*

KA x



11 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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  2. I bloody love Christmas!
    I’m not too keen on the stores advertising Christmas from September onwards, I prefer a slow and subtle build up, makes it all the more exciting.
    With the cost of things nowadays I can’t blame you for getting things bought early especially in sales, and if I could, I’d be a professional wrapper upper!

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  3. I love Christmas! I’ve just started buying presents. C and M have writteb their lists so I’ll be tackling their’s shortly. I love when my girls give out presents to others. Sadly C no longer belives in Santa 😦 but we’ve always said Santa delivers our girls their presents, not to adults and we give their friends their presents as extra presents for them x

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  4. I don’t think we can be friends anymore! Only kidding – but you’ve read my feelings on early Christmas shizzle already. I s’pose it beats having to fight through crowds though – and it means you’ll have more money to buy me a drink with at BlogFest! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly why we do it, we are able to buy Lil G more for the same budget and not have to wander through the crazy busy shops throughout the month of Dec. We can enjoy the christmas markets and all the festive cheer! Oh and buy friends birthday drinks! Yay


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