I have had a little makeover

Out with the old … In with the new as they say. My Beautiful Blog. I have had a little makeover by @EllieAllAtSea or Helen as I now know and love. Yippee. What do you lovelies think?

I am just a little bit a lot in love with it and I must say a huge thank you, a million times over to Helen over at Ellie Illustrates. You managed to decipher my many emails (and I mean a lot). You took the time to listen to the message I wanted to get across. Why, I even think you managed to pop inside my very muddled head and pull out just exactly what I was thinking. Genius.

Such a talented lady who really has created a niche for herself in blog design as well as being a graphic designer and illustrator for a number of children’s books. For all Helen’s blog designs take a look here.

When I thought about designing my blog it troubled me at first. I knew that I wasn’t quite capable of designing something which I would be happy with and timeless. We all know our strengths or should I say weaknesses. I also worried about entrusting it with a stranger. It is after all my little blog, my labour of love. I had an idea of a design but I was struggling to put it into words. I wanted it to encompass my little loves as KA not necessarily a mummy, but also our little family loves. I think you will agree that Helen nailed my brief. I certainly think so.

I came across the lovely Helen on twitter (don’t you just love twitter) some months ago and I knew very quickly after engaging with her as well as stalking her blog and those who she had designed that she was the one. The one to transform my little blog into something rather fabulous and pretty.


All At Sea Design


The process couldn’t have been simpler. A few emails, a conversation, a few more emails and hey presto a design proof arrived in my inbox. Helen was all too happy to tinker with her creation so as to ensure we had the design just right. It’s important to make those alterations. There would be nothing worse than switching the laptop on to then look at your beautiful blog only to be a little bit sad. I was able to be honest and I am grateful for this, as it meant that I was truly happy with what Helen created. No regrets.

KA x



25 thoughts on “I have had a little makeover

    • Oh wow is she? She’s absolutely amazing. I had to write a little post as I never thought I would be able to entrust something with it as it’s so personal. I am so very glad that I did. Finally I can be proud when jumping on to my blog. Looking forward to seeing yours x


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