Because I’m happy…

… for how blogging has changed my life.

Eat Sleep Love Blog

Some of you may read the heading and think… really, that’s just too much, or what is she going on about? Most will nod along as you are also in the fellowship that is blogging. What a beautiful place to be.

Well, my dears it’s true. Blogging is my thing. It has changed my life. It has made me a more positive person. Not that I was miserable but I was missing something. Being miserable never came into it. It was more that I felt a little lost once I had settled into this little journey known as parenting.

I don’t smoke, I hardly drink (Mr H says that I am a very cheap date!), I rarely venture out, I lost the love for reading some time before Lil G arrived, I sadly don’t get to shop as much and I did and I don’t get to exercise as much as I did either. As a full-time working parent I openly admit to struggling with the balance, the constant pull between being a mummy and being a success at my day job. That was until blogging entered my life some 6 months ago.

I started to resent Mr H, he has his football which he plays and watches and circles of friends with and without children who still regularly venture out. To me they are the places he goes to escape. Which isn’t a bad thing. I am glad that he does. However as I was always the one left at home when he goes to the game or plays five-aside, I found myself asking when was I going to find something for me? Part of the problem is me. Gulp. I struggle to prioritise anything over Lil G. Mr H has tried to reason with me however I just don’t want to. Our little boy will only be little for so long. There will be a time when he has his own relationship, his own friends and won’t want to spend all his time with me. Eek. That’s where, in my family, men and women differ.

I started to think about how I could find some real-time for me to develop a bit of a hobby, to immerse myself into something. The mornings are out as Mr H is on the road by 6.30 am (this is when I used to go to the gym). I would rather not miss the bedtime routine than go to a gym class or a run so that really leaves finding something to do after 8.00 pm. Limited! With the dark nights it doesn’t exactly motivate me to run at night either. So, rather than become a home baker and see my waistline increase by the second I turned to blogging.

As much as I absolutely love being a mummy to my gorgeous boy, I found myself wanting to escape. Just a little bit. Where I could enjoy something just for me. Blogging has become just that. It’s my way of escaping. Doing something just for me. Something which I have made a hobby out of and made some lovely friends on the way too.

I never thought blogging would…

Be so enjoyable. Bring me so much joy and satisfaction, make me smile as much as it does, and to be so addictive. And I mean ADDICTIVE. Subsequently taking up the majority of my spare time yet never feeling tired of it, always inspired to share something with you. I never thought it would encourage me to read again, it has, and keeping a journal again, it has, just now it is in the form of my blog.

I love love love my blog and the little online community I have found because of it. I feel blessed that you bother to read my posts, comment on them and even interact with me on twitter. The interaction part is what I love most. I really feel that I have a whole new set of friends, albeit online and some of which I may never meet. It’s kinda strange when you then hear them speak!

I am so so glad that I took the plunge. Granted it means that I am sat at my laptop most nights from 8 pm, reading posts, writing posts, which Mr H still can’t quite understand, however for me blogging is my happy place. It’s a place where I can be me. Not the KA before Lil G arrived. The person who has changed just a little bit since our gorgeous boy completed Our Little Family.

I have been overwhelmed by the recent love you have shown me since my new blog design went live on Monday. Gosh. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on here and on twitter. I am just a little bit in love with it. Well a lot actually.

KA x 


 The Reading Residence



27 thoughts on “Because I’m happy…

  1. I am so with you on this. I have found my blog a complete haven and a good friend – and as a result made lots of online connections with people I now consider my friends. We are part of a lovely community – and I particularly love PoCoLo for that reason. Thank you for linking 🙂 x

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  2. This is a lovely post! I have always struggled to find a hobby (and mine’s not even born yet) so I know exactly how you feel. Blogging means that I am always busy, I always have people to talk to and a community to share with. I love it!

    Emma |

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  3. KA I love the new design – it’s fab!! It makes such a difference to how you feel about your blog to have it looks so special I find! I also understand and agree with everything you say about blogging and how it fits in with the world you find yourself living in as a mother (and especially looking on as your partner seems to continue with life outside the home whilst you are stuck at home wondering what’s left for you). Great post hon 🙂 X #wotw


  4. Blogging is great it brings a different dimension to things and for me as a stay at home mum, I needed something to help me through the parenting as well as provide a little stimulation for me. Love it too x


  5. i can definitely relate! My husband rows – that’s his thing. A close friend of mine said “What about? You have to have something too!”. I thought of it for awhile, then I realised, blogging is my thing. Like you said, it’s your “me” time. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people 🙂 #wotw.


  6. Ah what a great blog post! I can understand the escaping thing with blogging but for me I find that I am doing it when I really should be doing something else!! Anyway, I love it…provided that it doesn’t interfere with actually interacting with people in the ‘real’ world…which I have to admit, it did a bit last year. Not any more!


  7. Blogging is such an awesome tool! I mostly blog for my mother to see my son. SHes got poor eyesight so she cant read but photos she can still see. So I post them big. This makes me love blogging as the blog post that I am writing is like me telling my mother who is far about whats in my head. So like you I am so happy I stumbled into it =) #wotw


  8. Love your new blog design and this post – it’s so true, blogging is addictive and I also find it’s my happy place. Love being part of a community of lovely fellow bloggers and discovering new blogs to read. I went self-hosted this week too – hope you’re enjoying the move as much as I am! 🙂


  9. My first visit since you got the new design, must say it looks fantastic.
    Love this post, I feel like I could have written it myself! I’ve never really had a hobby, and since having the kids and moving to Northern Ireland I felt a bit lost i the evenings, and blogging has really changed me.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

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