Love The Little Things

It has been a rather exciting week here at Life As Our Little Family HQ. My new blog design went live on Monday *Eek* which made me very happy indeed. My business cards were ordered yesterday, so if you’re going to BlogFest in November you may just find one slipped into your pocket! We have been offered a very cute item to review for Christmas which is right up our ‘keepsake’ street. On top of that our gorgeous boy just seems to be growing up so quickly and has become even more gorgeous over night!

Back to it KA … Ok, so our little loves are…


I have been reading this super magazine all about Blogging, have you seen it? It’s very inspirational and is packed full of tips…

photo (3)

Lil G and I have been reading the ‘Elf on the shelf’ story which is very lovely. We just missed out on this last year as it sold out everywhere by November so I got in their early this year and took the first one off the shelf! Yay for the crazy mummy! Lil G has now named him (all to be revealed) and we are registering our little guy with ElfHQ at the North Pole this weekend so that we can officially adopt him as our Elf! I cannot wait to have some Elfish fun with this little dude. Will there be an Elf visiting your house on the 1st December?

photo (99)


Wow. What a week. The return of Walking Dead, Homeland and The Apprentice. Not that you can put them all in the same league! The Apprentice pretty much falls into trash TV these days doesn’t it? I am rather disappointed with it this year if I am honest and despise the blonde girl for suggesting that women are only successful when wearing a short skirt and a lot of makeup.

It goes without saying that Homeland and Walking Dead both hit our screens with a bam. Both rather brutal too. We are once again hooked.


Brogues. Scarfs. Hats. Winter woollies yet with a hint of summer. I have loved my wardrobe this last week. Long may the dry, bright autumnal days continue. Be gone rain. You do not make me happy. I cannot share all my piccies as I have a post coming on the blog soon!

photo (1)


I am failing miserably here. Other than the drone of two rather snobby and posh women on the train I have enjoyed not listening to much at all.


Mr H has done all of the cooking this week. Who am I kidding he does almost all of the cooking each week! A Cottage Pie and BBQ pulled pork this week which were both rather yummy! Are you ready to drool…



photo (2)

We also indulged in the new Jamie Oliver cook book ‘Comfort Food’ … I am really looking forward to putting together some of his recipes. Did you see the series? HUGE fans in this house.

And lastly

Tonight Mr H has surprised me with date night. Nanny is babysitting. We’re off to a little jazz bar which was where we had our 1st date! The food is to die for, as is the ambiance. Ooh my mouth is watering just thinking of that King Prawn Risotto. Yum. As you all know me so well, there WILL be pictures on IG! Ha ha

We are off to friends on Sunday for lunch. After reading Mummy Hearts You blog this week I am going to be making her ‘Nutella Cheesecake’ which looks sooooo good! I am beyond excited about making this tomorrow, even deserts taste better the day after!

And lastly lastly … My two favourite quotes I have come across this week…

Cuddles, cuppas and cosy knits are the way to end a busy week

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything

Love to you all and enjoy your weekend!

KA x 



20 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. The cottage pie looks amazing! As does the pulled pork. Yum!
    I have the Mollie Makes Blogging magazine but on my Kindle and I keep forgetting about it so haven’t even read it properly at all yet.
    I love your Brogues, I am on a mission to hopefully buy some this week 🙂
    Loving your new blog design, especially the pretty hearts xx


  2. I love all your little loves this week KA! The magazine looks fab, I’ve seen a few people recommend it so really want to check it out.
    We did Elf on the Shelf last year (ours is called George) and I was a bit worried that still just turned 2 O would be a bit young but he loved it, can’t wait to do it again in December.
    Have a fab week, and your food looks yummy! xx


  3. Every time I am alerted to a new edition of that Mollie Makes magazine it seems to be all sold out! Can you subscribe?? I must get in with that Elf on the Shelf this year too – good idea! I know what you mean about that blonde woman on The Apprentice – what a complete idiot! She definitely dodged a bullet this week! I’m not normally a big fan of brogues (I know they’re really in this season though!) but I quite like your nice shiny ones – they are a little bit different aren’t they? I also love Jamie Oliver but he does seem to be a bit like Marmite! Have a great date night hon 🙂 X

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know about the magazine hon as it was a gift. I will take a look on it for you though and let you know. I love Brogues, have both casual and formal. My pink ones used to be my favourite but now it’s the patent black ones. They’re different in that they have a buckle hon. I love Jamie, I have been fortunate to meet him and he’s such a really genuine guy. Have a lovely weekend x


  4. This is my first visit to your blog, and it is lovely! I must find a copy of that magazine, your dinners looks far more appetizing than mine, and what a great surprise date night. I think the last time my hubby and I had a date night was when we were dating! Enjoy! #littleloves

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning, and thank you for popping by! I am so glad you visited after my makeover! The magazine really is super. We try to have a date night every 2-3 months, been lucky that we have been out twice in the last month! Lucky girl. Have a lovely weekend x


  5. Mollie Makes Blogging magazine looks interesting! I can never find it anywhere!! The pulled pork looks out of this world… I am not a fan of Pork but I so want to demolish that dish! Hope the dinner party goes well, and cannot wait to see pictures of your cheesecake! Have a lovely weekend xx


  6. The colour of that coat is beautiful! You look lovely in it too 🙂

    I want to do Elf on the Shelf, but Charlie is only 18 months, so he isn’t really going to understand it. Enjoy date night – ours is a week wednesday. Yes we have to plan THAT much in advance! x


    • Thank you Amy, it’s from Topshop (last season). This season they are much more pastel shades. We only have a couple of choices for sitters and thankfully Nanny is generally happy to say yes at short notice, although we have a curfew of 11pm! x


  7. oooh date night – you lucky things! Have a lovely time. I also very intrigued by The Elf on the Shelf so I look forward to reading more about him 🙂


  8. Enjoy your date night, it sounds amazing. I must find a copy of Mollie Makes, I’ve seen quite a few people recommending it. Loving your shiny shoes too, very cute! #littleloves


  9. Your blog is just beautiful K-A. I’m sure you are so delighted with it! Love your outfit choices too! We have had amazing Autumn weather, and then yesterday the rain came and it tipped down all day. I kinda thought we were going to have sunny skies forever! Have a great date night and a fab weekend poppet xx


  10. Enjoy date night – that sounds perfect! I too am off this evening for a date night… including an overnight stay at a posh hotel 😉
    We love Elf on the Shelf and have had a wee elf at our house for the past two years. The kids (& I) think it’s great fun! x

    Liked by 1 person

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