Think before you speak…

…Oh yes, this is where we are, right now. Mr H calls it Parrot mode. I think we’ve been lucky to escape it until now if I’m honest. Lil G is most definitely a Threenager at present! Testing every boundary, tantrums in public (galore), one day he abides by the reward chart *punches air*, the next its complete deviance. Ooh I ought a. When I mention taking away some of his stars so as not to reach the next reward I hear this… ‘take my stars away then mummy’. I am not afraid to admit that I am at a loss when he throws that back at me, all cocky like. How can I come back from that?! Little monkey. Kids ey, eek. 

Lil G is very much enjoying the ‘I will repeat everything you say’ phase. I remember being fascinated with it myself as a young girl. Much to the annoyance of everyone around me I am sure. An interesting phase to say the least!

We are most definitely having to think before we speak at the minute. As is everyone around him. As someone who uses the odd swear word in my everyday vocabulary this is proving rather difficult. Mr H is forever reminding me. If the wrong word falls out of my mouth Lil G is there ready to lap it up, repeat it several times and then depending upon our response continue to repeat it until he finds something else to amuse himself with. He even repeated my latest slip up to Nanny and to the staff at Kindergarten! Eek.

I got caught out this week when having a little bit of road rage. Ooh I’m a bad mum! Ha ha. Clearly some commuters need to read my ‘routine’ post and add a little extra time to their schedule in a morning rather than shouting at me! I may have been pushed to muttering some rather unpleasant words & going a little red in the face. There may have been steam! Lil G went on to question ‘what’s a ….’ and ‘Don’t be angry mummy, I’ll save you’. Bless his heart. Don’t you just love the innocence of a child. How at the minute he doesn’t realise that mummy said a naughty word and if Mr H knew I would be in DEEP trouble. It’s our little secret kid …. ssshhhh don’t tell Daddy!

What ‘thing’ is your little one going through?


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28 thoughts on “Think before you speak…

  1. We’re going through our first ‘copycat’ stage too! It’s a more basic version, but we still need to be careful. At 12 months, Diggory has started to copy noises we make like ‘shhh’, ‘uh oh’ and sneezing. It’s pretty adorable, but also just a reminder we’ll have to watch what we say from now on. xx #sharewithme

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  2. Oh wow, well the youngest is going through a very shouty, noisy stage but is an absolute delight the rest of the time. The eldest, bizarrely, is going through an “I want to do loads of schoolwork” phase. This can’t and won’t last!


  3. Yep!! Been there with the ‘naughty’ words and had it repeated back, normally in front of my Mother and Father!! We currently going through the “Can I have another pet please?” Our house is beginning to resemble London Zoo!! #sharewithme


  4. Oh we know this all too much in our house, parrot mode indeed. I am always trying to be careful what I say and when. lol At the moment though we are dealing with him learning to say no back and answer back. Threenager for sure here. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


  5. I remember one of my colleagues telling us that his 7 year old daughter told them they were ruining her life when she was asked to tidy her room! I found three a very challenging age with JJ. Now he’s going through after-school tiredness meltdowns and just wants to watch Peppa on a you tube loop whilst eating crisps *sigh* 🙂 #sharewithme


  6. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day–that they’ll be a time when our conversation will have to be filtered because our daughter will soak every word up like a sponge and spit it out in fountains. She’s 10 months now, so we don’t have far to go. The thing that she’s into now is repeating sounds…no words yet, but soon enough.


  7. Ha ha I take it ‘daddy’ doesn’t read your blog or the cat’s out the bag! I remember my eldest child saying ‘bugger’. A lot. It certainly stopped our bad language habit!

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  8. Ah but the parroting comes in handy when you want to know what Gran and Grandad say! Especially when my 4 year old came out with a perfect “Oh Jeysus” in a perfect imitation of her grandmother’s Liverpool accent!


  9. We are going through the exact same stage!! We thought we escaped terrible twos but were so delighted to have thundering threes instead haha! We are having to modify our vocab too, make you realise what you actually say. Even though I don’t generally swear these days I still say ‘oh bum’ or such like which then is repeated back to me! So even ‘dulled down’ phrases need to be taken out of my everyday vocabulary!

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  10. Oh dear, sounds like Lil G is going through that “testing” time, pushing boundaries and kicking off when he doesn’t get his own way. Yes, been there got the t-shirt and about to go there again with my 2yo, who’s already showing signs of being a little madam. Her big thing, is not wanting to get into the pushchair and this girl has some serious will power! Fun post, makes me realise I’m not alone ; )

    Thanks so much for linking up to the very first #StarSunday linky. Hope to see you again next week. xx

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