Cavendish Play Kitchen Review

I love a new toy. So when we were asked to review the Cavendish Kitchen, an exclusive product to the Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) range we were delighted. There is something quite magical about building a new toy ready for Lil G to come running down the stairs to the next morning. Sounds a lot like Christmas! Well, based on Lil G’s response and overwhelming enthusiasm, it could well have been. Ho Ho Ho.


Review 1

We love the design of this play kitchen. It is bright, engaging and perfect for either a boy or a girl. If you do have a princess in your house who is specifically looking for a pink kitchen then there is a pink version of this kitchen available here.  Unlike some kitchens it is lovely and compact which is perfect for Lil G’s playroom. To give you an idea of the size, our little boy is 3 years old and this is how he stands next to it…


Review 7


There are so many features to the Cavendish Kitchen all leading to pretend play which Lil G is a master of. There are two hobs complete with clicking dials, a clock with moving hands (perfect timing as we are just working on how to tell the time), wooden salt & pepper pots, a removable sink (Lil G is obsessed with washing his hands), 3 wooden utensils (in action above) and finally hot and cold taps (complete with lettering, perfect for understanding which way the taps work on an actual sink).


Review 2


It wasn’t long before Lil G started to round-up his collection of play food, wooden scales, toaster and teacups. Let the imaginative play begin…


Review 6


On the menu today were omelette’s and a cup of tea, he knows me so well! I have to say he made a rather tasty omelette, a little dry but I guess that was the wooden eggs for you! Apparently we needed to go to the shop as 6 eggs just wasn’t enough! Having these two whizz bang toys together in Lil G’s play room enables him to literally lose himself in a whole lot of imaginative play. We lost him for a full hour. Which meant I was able to drink a cup of tea whilst it was hot! Now you know how precious that is.

What I love about how he is interacting with these toys is that I am able to throw in a few serious learning elements too. We can learn about all the food groups, talk about what you can make from each piece of food, learn to count and generally have A LOT of FUN! Which is a winning combination when it comes to a toddler. Learn a little, play a lot.


Review 3


For extra fun I thought it would be a good idea to ask our gorgeous boy if he wanted to pop any other kitchen bits on to his Christmas list for Santa to take a look at. To which he replied…

  1. A food mixer … ‘One like yours mummy so that I can make yummy cakes’
  2. A coffee machine … Apparently he wants to make hot chocolate, I like your style kid!
  3. Some carrots … Because the boy loves carrots! And lastly…
  4. Wooden pans … The one we have just isn’t enough apparently!

Now for some Technical bits

Mr H is the builder upper of toys in our little house. He commented on how easy he found putting this item together. He did ask me to pop in a little note to say that; you do need to work out the positioning of each item prior to commencing the build. My little note in response to that would be; *read the instructions* and you will be just fine!

The best news is, GLTC currently have a SALE on too! With up to 40% off! You’ll need to hurry as it ends midnight on Monday. The Cavendish kitchen above is currently reduced to £76 pound. A bargain considering all the features don’t you think?


Family Fever



* Note that we were given this item as a gift in exchange for this review. All words are my own.

9 thoughts on “Cavendish Play Kitchen Review

  1. I absolutely love this. My kids LOVE their toy kitchen, we got given one from a co worker and it’s been such a hit!
    The only bad side of things is that everything is plastic, and I’m desperate to get more wooden toys.
    This is a great kitchen I am going to have to look into it for Xmas!!

    Thanks for a wonderful review!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like a great kitchen, especially at the sale price. It is quite small compared to some so I think would actually be too short for our tall three year old, but I can see it being perfect for toddlers.

    I love the primary colours used – so many role play cooking toys are aimed at girls so it’s great to see unisex products too.


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