We have a name

Buddy is his name! Buddy the Elf.

Lil G chose his name which was just perfect. I had expected to prompt him but no, he was rather proud to tell me …

…Let’s call my Elf Buddy mummy, he can be my bud like Alfie


photo (21)

Which for those of you that don’t know, Alfie is my furry baby, our doggy! I won’t lie, I was secretly really happy that he chose this name. It’s perfect. Not only because I wish for him to grow up believing in the tradition that is Elf on the Shelf for many years to come but also because this is Mr H’s favourite Christmas movie. EVER.

In celebration we cracked open ‘Elf’ the Christmas movie at the weekend and I cannot explain in words how excited Lil G was. At one stage he was double taking his own Buddy the Elf thinking that the movie was about him. CUTE.

To us he will become part of our family. There are a few rules that come with welcoming an Elf on the Shelf into your home, one of which is that you register his name at elfontheshelf.com to confirm that you have adopted him. After all Santa does need to need where to deploy each of his Elves to doesn’t he!

It is official, we have registered our Elf and we await a certificate arriving in the post…




Buddy has now retired to the North Pole to continue building all the toys for the good girls and boys. We eagerly await his return on the eve of December 1st! I now have just 39 days to pin away ideas on how we can have some fun on positioning our Buddy the Elf around the house. Eek

Signing off as one festive feeling KA x




7 thoughts on “We have a name

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  2. I love your elf and Buddy is a brilliant name! I really must do this tradition this year, it’s such a wonderful thing to do. I can’t wait to read about all the mischief he gets up to 🙂 #ChristmasCountdown


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