What is a tantrum?

Taken from our trusty friend and parenting resource Google…

an uncontrollable outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child

If you haven’t clicked, I am talking about this little fella…




Oh yes, that’s right our gorgeous boy doesn’t always look this sweet. Like butter wouldn’t melt! The little monkey. Dam you Threenager years.

Parenting a toddler is heavenly, it’s a joy to watch him develop and grow, I often find myself dreaming of the weekend for when Our Little Family is reunited for Just Us time, but JEEZ the tantrums are tough. EPIC in fact. One minute we are in cloud nine, kisses and cuddles, loving life together, full of the joys of spring and then BAM like a smack in the face on a winter’s day the tantrums make their appearance. Eek

He has temper tantrums if he can’t get his own way, if we ask him to eat, to pop on his coat, to walk rather than run, not to run wild around M&S, to go to the toilet … the list is endless.

Yesterday we forgave him as he was feeling a little under the weather. So tell me, what’s his excuse the other 364 days of the year? OK, slight over reaction (that would be the tiredness kicking in), so he doesn’t have a tantrum all that often but when he does WOW. I think the neighbour thought just that at 5am this morning when he decided to 1) wake and 2) stand at the top of the stairs and scream, cry and generally speak shriek just a little louder than required at such an ungodly hour. Oh lets not forget the fact that it is the first day of half term for our neighbours!

We’re at that point now where if I threaten to take a toy(s) off him I get… ‘take it, I have more!’. If bribery no longer works what is a mother to do?

Roll on the 1st December. Buddy the Elf will be appearing on our shelf and I cannot wait. The box says it is a good tradition to introduce to help with a child’s behaviour. Fingers crossed.

How do you handle the infamous toddler tantrums?


And then the fun began...


15 thoughts on “What is a tantrum?

  1. Yep, tantrums can be epic. We don’t really deal with them around here. We tend to go with the flow and let the anger come out… Girls are feisty! With our boy (1st born), we just laughed off the couple of tantrums he had, and as he realised they were not working, he just gave up. Too easy! We got a bit of a shock with our girls. #TheTruthAbout

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  2. Toddler tantrums…don’t worry they grow out of them! OH NO THEY DON’T mwahahahaha….
    I am afraid I have no good advice to give except the usual stuff – count to ten, breathe, don’t beat yourself up, and don’t worry about the neighbours, their time will come (or it’s been, in which case they’ll be thanking their lucky stars). In the meantime, enjoy the cloud nine, kisses and cuddles when they come along! #truthabout

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  3. Oh, my little girl (2 and a half) can throw really epic tantrums, for no reason at all! My, now, 5yo had some pretty amazing ones too when he was her age, but hers really are quite spectacular! I am hoping that now that her language is so good they will get better… but I’m not holding my breath! #thetruthabout

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  4. I was dreading O turning 2 as I’d heard all about the terrible two’s, but it seems 3 is the new 2 and that’s when all the trouble starts. O has, on the whole, been a pretty good 2 year old but we are starting to see flashes of diva type behaviour it does not bode well for him turning 3 in just over three weeks time! x


  5. Firstly, thanks so much for supporting my ‘Truth about…’ linky launch! 🙂 The age of three is such a challenging one – I always found the terrible threes far worse than the terrible twos because they’re just more *knowing* at three – they have more understanding of how to push your buttons. I have to secretly admit that I quite like to read/hear about other peoples’ tantrum dramas because every time I do, I realise that this is totally the norm – and anyone with a ‘no-tantrum’ child (I once wrote a post on this very subject!) is just lucky! It gets easier once they hit four (and a bit!) I promise! X #thetruthabout


  6. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend! We have been very lucky with my stepdaughter, who only ever threw one tantrum in the middle of Donington Market. Though with another one on the way, we have the potential for many more in the future!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

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