Tasty Tuesdays {Mr H’s Pancakes}

A real treat. A Sunday kind of treat for Our Little Family, made by Mr H. Small, fluffy, thick and delicious.

photo (26)



Non stick pan (small as possible)

Whisk & Mixing Bowl



Ingredients (8 pancakes of the above size)

1 large cup of self raising flour

1 large free range egg

1 cup of milk (we use full fat)

1 pinch of sea salt

A knob of butter (if your pan isn’t particularly non stick)

Filling to suit (pictured above are American Style with streaky bacon & maple syrup)



  • Pop the flour, egg, milk and salt into a mixing bowl and whisk until the batter is smooth & silky
  • Pop the mixture into the fridge for an hour to rest (Mr H’s secret)
  • Prepare the chosen filling
  • Pop the hob on to a medium heat and prepare to ladle the mixture into a hot pan (use butter if necessary)
  • Using 3/4 of a ladle of mixture per pancake be sure to swirl the mixture around the pan
  • Cook on either side until golden brown (Mr H opts for a maximum of 2 mins each side)
  • Pop them on to a warm plate in a small oven so as not to lose the temperature
  • To create the perfect texture place a pancake on a plate, add 2/3 pieces of streaky bacon and drizzle smother in maple syrup
  • Devour and repeat


And there you have it, Mr H’s Pancakes.

How do you eat yours?


KA x



8 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesdays {Mr H’s Pancakes}

  1. These look yummy, I’m rubbish at making pancakes but may need to give these a go. I think I’d go for bacon and maple syrup too! x


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