My Happy List…

As the winter months take over, it takes me a little time to adjust. Every once in a while I find myself suffering with that little old disease known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

What with dark mornings and then dark nights oh and let’s not forget the wind and rain I often struggle just a little bit to think positively. To spring out of bed in a morning raring to get the day started! Usually I am a morning person, which is a good job given the early mornings Lil G has a habit of treating us to!

I am not one to dwell but wow do the dark mornings hit me hard. These are the days when I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery, working from home all week, taking things that little bit slower! Life is just so busy. What with leaving the house early in a morning I often start my day in the dark, then with my commute at the end of the day it is definitely dark.

Just maybe, it could also be because the clock police decided they should give us an extra hour of heavenly sleep, which might I add, only benefits those without a toddler! Ooh the pre 5am wake ups have been tough this week I tell you. On Wednesday I was broken, I don’t quite know how I made it to the office let alone through a full working day! It is safe to say that on Wednesday I found little to be happy with.

To help me out a little, I turned to the little person in my life who is always sure to bring a smile to my face. I asked our gorgeous boy what makes him happy and he said this:

Daddy, Cake (takes after me!), Snuggles (that’s our thing), My bud (our doggy), The sun, My toys and My books

What a sweet list and thank the lord I was featured! Phew

So let me tell you what makes me happy…

  1. It’s Friday! Happy day indeed
  2. My little blog and how supportive I find this online community which I have been so lucky to be apart of
  3. My boys, they really do make my life complete
  4. Cath Kidston
  5. The new design on my blog, I particularly love the stamp, many won’t notice it but as a fan of snail mail and postcards it had to be included, the date of Lil G’s arrival into this world is also marked on it, the start of Our Little Family
  6. My a/w wardrobe – filled with cable knits, scarfs, hats, layers, boots and tights
  7. The stories Lil G tells me of his adventures, oh how I love his imagination
  8. The commitment my hubby has to a shitty job which he is having to do to help support our family, like many he was a victim of the recession and sadly his career hasn’t recovered
  9. To be in good health, without illness. We lost a close friend this year and others around us have lost too – you just never know what is around the corner
  10. Cocktails with the girls (I must arrange another get together)
  12. The sound of Lil G laughing

And that’s my list. So tell me … What is on your list?

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The List


8 thoughts on “My Happy List…

  1. oh I llooooooove your new theme and everything it says about you. Beautiful! Happy Friday again and thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx


  2. Oh that is a good list!! Lots of positive, happy things. I love Christmas and all things festive, so that’s enough to put a smile on my face alone. Also love Cath Kidston, as well as the white company and Boden at this time of year!

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  3. Christmas is definitely on mine too.

    Good for your husband. I was also made redundant from an industry I loved. All the jobs are too far a commute to be able to do nursery runs, so I managed to find a job (although contracted) 10 minutes from home. The industry isn’t one I can get passionate about, and it’s definitely a job now rather than something that I could see myself doing for life, but it fits me at the moment. I think I’ll be too long out of the old industry to go back, but I’m hoping.


  4. I’m not sure if I also have SAD but I really don’t like the shorter days in winter – I’m a spring/summer girl. Brilliant idea to detail the things that make you happy – good things to hold on to when you’re feeling low xxx #TheList

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  5. The early mornings really do take their toll and combined with the darker morning and evenings I totally understand what you are saying. Great idea to put together a happy list. Mine are many the same as yours but I would also add eating delicious food and watching repeats of Friends on Comedy Central x

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