Love The Little Things {31st October}

As it is the 31st I guess I should start this post with a ‘Happy Halloween’ message to you all … And now on with the show. Tis Friday which means that it is time to hang out with the #LittleLoves crew who form an orderly queue over at Morgana’s blog ButWhyMummyWhy for the weekly round-up. Here our Our Little Family #LittleLoves …


A really great post over on the @TheBoyandMe blog. Beautifully written. The post is called ‘Lessons From Parents’ Evening’ where as a teacher and mother she writes a really thought-provoking post.

I also read an interesting article in a friends Closer Magazine on how to monetise your blog. He actually pointed it out to me as it was all about blogging.

photo (4)


Missing … It took my breath away but for all the wrong reasons. A child is abducted you see. Since Lil G arrived, dramas like this really upset me. They’re so close to the bone. It really made me think twice about keeping him close FOREVER. Programs like this make it so easy for you to wrap your little ones up in cotton wool!

Strictly … It’s all about the sparkle and I love it!


Far too many people talking in the quiet zone on my commute! Eek (a questionable link I know!)

Made (I’m doing well this week)

Autumn is all about afternoons spent cooking up comfort food for us, most often it is a Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine for me and a beer for Mr H. Last weekend was just that…

photo (6)

Chocolate chip chilli … It’s no ordinary chilli. It is cooked low & slow for 3 hours, leaving you with big chunks of beef and chorizo. Scrummy

Oh and some little treats for the bake sale at my office today in support of Caketober. We are raising money for a local charity.

Let’s not forget our pumpkins. We had so much fun making these … Our first ones too!

photo (5)


The winter hats are out my friends…

photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)

And lastly…

This time next week (well if you’re reading between 6.48am and 8.25am I will be all aboard the Choo Choo otherwise known as a Virgin Train to London Baby! I am off to my first blogging conference. Eek. BlogFest here I come!

I am so so proud of our gorgeous boy. Who came home with a Halloween arts and crafty pumpkin. As he handed it to me it wasn’t long before he was telling me to look at his name. The boy has made his first attempt at writing his name and WOW am I impressed. So proud. I don’t actually know when he is meant to be writing his name but for now it feels like a pretty grown up thing to be doing!

photo (3)

And finally, I was a guest on the Love All Dads podcast which is now live. If you fancy listening to me talking with the boys about Robbie Williams, the NHS and other topics here is the link.

Have a lovely weekend #littleloves crew

KA x





10 thoughts on “Love The Little Things {31st October}

  1. I’ve just read that post, it’s great although I hate how targets are being set for 4 and 5 year olds. My little boy is a complete people pleaser so I really worry he’ll be the one focusing on what he’s not doing so well.
    Love your pumpkins, especially the Spider-Man one. I’m so jealous of you going to Blogfest, really wish I was going! Have a fab time! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a great post isn’t it, although I did worry that as i’m not a teacher Lil G may be at a disadvantage. I am always wondering what milestones he should be reaching. I was amazed when I saw his little pumpkin with hand writing on. Is this good, is he on track? I just don’t know. The post was alarming that at 5/6 there are so many targets, can’t that wait? I’m really excited about BlogFest, my outfit is sorted! Eek x


  2. Sounds like you’ve had a great week, I love your pumpkins! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to watch The Missing as, like you, I get upset at the thought of something like this actually happening to one of mine. Also…how nice does your chilli sound?! I think I know what’s going on my meal plan this week 😉 #littleloves

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, what a great attempt your little man has made at his name! Very cute! I really love your hats – gorgeous! And enjoy Blogfest sweetpea – I’m sure you’ll have a ball!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a great round of #littleloves Kerri. I need to *squeal first as I am going to blogfest too upon a virgin train. Maybe we will cross paths on the way but either way I get to meet up with you on blogfest. That’s so excited. I love blog conferences. Such a great way to learn new things but most importantly meet the bloggers behind the blogs I read everyday day in and day out. Happy Halloween hunny and see you soon. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh wow, thank you so much for including me and mentioning my post. When I wrote it it was going to be one of those developmental posts but it quickly turned into a reminder that he is growing up so quickly and I need to keep hold off his childhood.

    I must listen to the podcast, they always make me really laugh.


  6. Your hats are gorgeous! Love them both!! I have a summer hat similar to the black one and its my all time favourite! Your pumpkins are amazing and look bloody brilliant! Im no fan of spicy food, so I don’t eat chilli but it sounds so scummy!! I may make this for the hubs! I missed The Missing, but I’ve heard loads about it so going to download on demand, I completely forgot it was on, and wanted to watch it anyway! Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely xx


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