Review: A Special Delivery: Lapland Mailroom

We have recently had the pleasure of reviewing the beautifully designed Letters from Santa all the way from the Lapland Mailroom or should I say from the big man himself! We sent our letter off to Santa a little while ago (we’re very prepared in Our Little Family), so you can imagine the delight on Lil G’s face when Santa kindly replied to us a few days ago. This was Lil G’s response…

a letter for me, from Santa, WOW, quick mummy read it to me


photo (20)

photo (21)


As soon as he heard the personalisation at the start of the letter a HUGE smile came across his face and his excitement started to build. He even started to talk back to Santa. He let him know that he had been a good boy, he even went on to say that Santa could ask his Elf Buddy if that was true!

As I continued to read the letter Lil G’s imagination went in to over drive. He couldn’t quite believe that Santa knew what toy he wanted and what his best friends name was. He was amazed that Santa knew he had recently learnt how to dress himself and that he was being a good boy by eating all of his meals. He looked around the room as if to say ‘is he here’. We have recently introduced the Elf on the Shelf tradition, so for us this letter just added to that magic as I quickly added that it must have been Buddy who had told him! To read about our Elf on the Shelf read here.


photo (22)


These little snippets of personalised detail just add to the magic of this little letter. Lil G went on to tell Santa about his friends. Who was on the Naughty list and who was on the Nice list. Thankfully all but one were on the Nice list including Mr H and I. Phew! The magic didn’t end there, as soon as Mr H  returned home it was to be read again and again…


photo (24)


And now for the website. Beautifully designed, user friendly, traditional in it’s feel and it doesn’t half get you in the Christmas spirit as you work your way through the stages.


photo 3 (1)


As I mentioned their are 4 letters. 1 of which is a ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’. A lovely touch and certainly a really lovely keepsake. The remaining 3 letters advance in age. When I read through them I could see them appealing to different ages depending on their understanding of Santa or Father Christmas. We opted for letter number two as it suited Lil G’s language and understanding at present.

You have two choices in terms of the price and package. A standard letter which at present includes a free Nice Child Certificate is £6.95. Or a second option for you which would include an activity pack is £7.95. This activity pack is absolutely worth the extra £1.00. It comes complete with an Elf Yourself activity sheet, Christmas Eve door hanger, a Christmas tree decoration, a colouring in Christmas card and colouring in Santa stop here poster (see below).


photo 2 (2)


photo 1 (2)


We also received the Nice Child Certificate for Lil G however we have decided to keep this back until Christmas Eve. We are going to pop it in his Christmas Eve box as a little surprise. After all it confirms that he has been NICE! Which of course his Elf Buddy will then tell Santa. How exciting.


photo (25)


Postal dates

All letters and activity packs will be dispatched within 3 days of placing your order. For letters to be received at the beginning of December orders must be received by 27th November. The last possible order date is the 20th December however as delivery is reliant up on Royal Mail I would highly recommend you ordering much sooner. We all know that Santa AKA the Royal Mail (ssshhhhh) gets rather busy in December! I can say with sincerity that these little letters just add to the magic for this festive season and highly recommended by Our Little Family.

For more information on postal dates please click here.

With only 50 days left until Christmas why not order your little one or big one a personalised letter from Santa. I have a special voucher code for all my readers to claim 20% off your order via the Lapland Mailroom website – use voucher code xmaspromo14 at the checkout. Limited availability on the discount code so HURRY!

Spreading christmas cheer, KA & Lil G x


Disclosure: We were gifted this item for the purpose of this review. All words are my own


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12 thoughts on “Review: A Special Delivery: Lapland Mailroom

  1. Aww this is so cute! I got my daughter the video one year and she was totally on the naughty list (mean mummy I know) but I love doing stuff like this or I should say loved as she now knows the ‘truth’ *sob* #TriedTested


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