Dear George…

Please STOP with the tantrums.

Please STOP with the silly o’clock wake ups, followed by a tantrum because mummy and daddy are so tired they can’t quite roll out of bed quick enough.

If I could understand and make things better or different I would kid. Honest I would.

Is there something wrong? Tell me if there is something which is troubling you. I promise to make it better. Part of me hopes there is something wrong as that would explain why you are being such a monkey. Or is this just the Threenager years coming to haunt me?

I’m pleading with you. Bring back our gorgeous boy. Bring back the toddler who is so grateful, generous and kind. Who despite having a moment is always be polite and kind. I miss you.

Please remove the Hulk from within you. The rage. The anger. The clenched fists. It’s too much. Surely you are tired of being so angry? Surely you’re tired of watching mummy and daddy become so upset with you? I don’t want to shout. I don’t want to be upset with you. I will always love you but right now kid I am tired. I don’t know how to help you.

It really upsets me when I have to take the hard-line. I don’t want it to be this way. I don’t want to be upset with you. Can I have this boy back…


photo (15)


I threaten you with the Naughty list, it sort of works, it sort of doesn’t. I threaten you with Buddy the Elf, who as you know will be telling Santa whether you are good or bad. At the minute sweetie you are on the Naughty list. Again it sort of works, it sort of doesn’t.

I have closed the door to your playroom which seems to upset you but still you let yourself down. I will take your toys away and send them to the good boys and girls. I will remove them from our house. You will cry. You will be angry. You may not even like me. I will do it. I promise. A naughty boy does not deserve to play with all the beautiful toys. Now does he?

To all the parents out there. I’m broken. Send help or coffee and cake.





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37 thoughts on “Dear George…

  1. Ah that sounds so tough! Not all all looking forward to Arthur getting to this stage… I have very little experience of three year olds, but after years of working with teenagers (who I swear are scarily similar) I found killing with kindness (and talking) was the best approach. It’s all too easy to run out of sanctions, to end up threatening something you can’t follow through on or which ends up being more of a pain for you than them. I’m not going to say too much though as I realise this might not work with very little people. Sending positive vibes and hoping the phase passes soon xx

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  2. I’m no child expert, but have got two teenagers as well as little J (3) and I remember quite clearly the tantrums tend to be a learning curve of understanding their emotions and communicating them. Sometimes all they need is to be told you understand they’re really upset about….. I do feel for you.

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  3. Oh no, Boo went through this at 3. I thought I was fine as we missed the terrible 2’s, but boy did she test us at 3! It is a phase, though a tough one, I know. Sending wine in the meantime! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


  4. Oh no! I feel for you. This is exactly what I feel when my four-year-old has her meltdowns. I too wonder, whatever happened to my sweet little girl? Sending you a virtual hug and biggest/yummiest cake and mug of delicious hot coffee 🙂 #wotw.

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  5. Big sighs and hugs. It’s so hard isn’t it? You find yourself constantly telling them off which isn’t what you want and it feels totally and utterly draining. It’s easy to say oh it’s a phase but that doesn’t help in the interim. Lots of tea!!
    See you tomorrow xx

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  6. It may not help but when Lucas started going through this stage, it was suggested by a colleague that I gave him responsibilities in the house to make him feel more grown up. My colleague said that somewhere in their mind they are just as confused by these tantrums as we are but by giving them tasks, it almost takes their mind of it. I got Lucas helping with the recycling and making sure his pillow was put back on his bed when I made it. He also helped me with jobs like dusting. When we went shopping I gave him his own little list and as we walked up the aisles I kept asking him whether there was anything here from his list for him to get. It didn’t stop every tantrum but I did see an improvement. I only hope this helps you and if it doesn’t. I definitely send you coffee and cake……………… and perhaps some Mummy Juice???? Thinking of you hun x #sharewithme

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  7. Oh no! Cake is on its way! We are having tantrums here too, it is so tiring isn’t it. I am sure it is just a phase and that your gorgeous boy will be back soon x #ShareWIthMe

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  8. Oh sweetie, I feel for you (and this post makes me fear the fast approaching threenager phase). And I’m sure it is just a phase, in a few months time you’ll be able to look back at this, give G a big cuddle and smile at how these days are behind you. Sending you a huge gift wrapped G&T to pop you gin cherry! xxx

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    • Aww thank you lovely. You will be pleased to know that tonight was a joy, lets hope tomorrow doesn’t begin at 4am with a screaming match for some silly reason that I can’t quite remember as I think I was still asleep … Eek x


  9. Oh lovely, H has been like this ever since I handed in my notice. He doesn’t know of course, but it’s been ill timed. I wish I had some magic answers for you. Like you I sit and wish my sweet boy would come back. Let’s hope our boys get through it and go back to their sweet ways. Sending lots of cake and tea xxx

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  10. Oh hunny I am so with you on this right now. Maybe it’s a full moon. Someone has traded our beautiful children in and gave us hulks for sure!!! I will send virtual hugs and imaginary cake I know this isn’t enough for those sleepless nights either. Tough when they aren’t themselves. Hoping it’s just a phase and they go back to our princes soon. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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    • Thank you lovely, Lil G is definitely a HULK. I am sorry you are feeling it too. Sending cake right back. The toughest part is having to drag myself on my commute to the office. Then coming home and having so much passion to blog when I should probably get an early night x


  11. Oh dear – I’m sending virtual coffee and cake by express courier!! Its so hard isn’t it. I know what you mean about them suddenly changing. Like the ‘nice’ switch has been turned off and instead the ‘brat’ switch has been turned on and is now unfortunately stuck!! Its tricky to know what methods to use too – I’m loving your naughty list one and may have to pinch that from you and use it here! We tend to use the time out system. I’m feeling your pain honey. Sending hugs. x

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    • Thank you! The courier will be appreciated. It’s been a really tough few days. You’ve described it so right, the nice switch is currently off, bloody hell. We’ve never done the time out. The naughty list seems to be working enough right now but I wonder for how long x


  12. Oh luvvie! If it’s any consolation, my Noah was a DEMON at Lil G’s age. Total demon. And then within a few months he was back to his lovely self. Now he’s the easiest out of the three by a mile! I hope things settle for you – in the meantime coffee and cake will see you through!xxx


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