Love The Little Things

I’m holding on dearly to the little things at the minute. Lil G has broken us. What with the 5am and sometimes 4am wake ups, screaming tantrums, fits of anger and general horrid HULK like Threenager behaviour it is the little things which are keeping me from bursting into tears.

Taking the hard-line with him is just so tough. It hurts. It really upsets me but what else am I to do? Someone suggested Mummy Juice! Maybe she’s right.


Eek the start of my Christmas reading has kicked in with the delivery of my ‘Billy & Me Christmas’ book arriving. Yay

photo (2)


photo (6)

This song just makes me want to dance. Click the image lovelies.


Blue Bloods. My all time favourite American series on Sky Atlantic. It’s a police drama. Based around a family. Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. Oh yes that’s right from New Kids on the Block! I am so happy this show has finally returned.




I’m going to be a little controversial and say that, yes I did watch the John Lewis Christmas advert which is of course beautiful however I did not weep, I’ve seen it more than once. Lil G loves the #MontyThePenguin where as I prefer last years ‘The Bear’.


Ankle socks and I am just a little bit in love with them. I picked them up from a favourite shop of mine, Urban Outfitters. Oh how I love this shop.


I haven’t worn this outfit yet but I cannot wait until I do…


photo (1)


An enemy of my little boy *cries*. I sound so dramatic don’t i? Maybe that’s where he gets it from, eek!

Other than that it was another Sunday delight from Mr H who made beef stew and dumplings. Delicious. So rich and comforting.

And then after a few long days at work this week I came home to Mr H’s Corned Beef Hash… (I will post the recipes on my blog)

photo (7)


photo (8)

And lastly…

Mr H is taking Lil G to his first Manchester United game on Saturday. It’s something we’ve talked about since finding out we were having a boy (I hope he’s good!). Mr H is fortunate that he has been in possession of two season tickets for nearly 20 years now, great seats and right on the centre line. Perfect for Lil G! If you ever fancy going to a game do let me know as we do occasionally sell them if we can’t make it.

BlogFest here I come. I am sure there will be tweets and Instagram posts galore from yours truly. See you there if you’re going.

KA x 




10 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. My husband is a massive Utd fan too. He can sometimes get tickets through business contacts but let us know if ever you got some to sell 🙂
    Sorry you’re having such a hard time with Lil G, our children can really test us can’t they.
    Hope you had a fantastic time at Blogfest.

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  2. My hubby is a seriously huge Man Utd fan. He used to have a season ticket through work but gave it up a couple of years ago as every week he was out all afternoon at the game. I’m still a little bit amazed he did, although he does watch it with his mates every week in the pub! He’s not allowed to watch it in the house, he gets too shouty!
    I really feel for you with Lil G, I’m crap at taking the hard line too. Weird, considering I was much better at it when he was younger. O definitely had me wrapped around his little finger.
    Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday xxx

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  3. Gosh the food looks amazing!!! Love your ankle socks! I am tempted to get some, they are so cute! I am so pleased about the christmas edition of Billy and Me! Love the first book!

    So sorry your having temper troubles at the moment! Its awful isn’t it? H has turned into a little monster lately and its not nice! The out bursts always happen at the wrong time too, which makes it doubly worse! Have a lovely weekend at blogfest xxx

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  4. Your husband’s food looks amazing! I wish I had a partner who cooked. I remember those terrible threes all too well and I’ve got that to look forward to all over again in about a year’s time – oh joy 🙂 Just lately I’ve had a bit of a re-run with my now five year old. I remember wondering when tantrums would peter out – not yet apparently! On the up side they do get fewer and further between and are now quite obviously caused by tiredness/hunger, etc. Also I think he is learning from each unpleasant confrontational experience and modifying his behaviour subsequently (but not at the time!). All I can say is hang in there! X #littleloves


  5. I make corned beef hash a lot in winter, but it doesn’t look at good as your hubby’s! I want the recipe haha. My hubby is also a huge Man U fan and can’t wait to take Charlie to his first match


  6. oooh that food looks amazing! I was in Manchester this weekend and went to Sam’s Chop House and had the most amazing Corned Beef Hash. My friend had never heard of having it with an egg on top of it! I soon convinced her that you have to have an egg on top of it!

    Hope the tantrums get better soon, it is an awful stage and so draining for everyone 😦

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  7. Children can be challenging, I do understand. I haven’t figured out any magic solutions yet though, but if you discover any please do let me know! You have a husband who cooks though, you are onto a winner there – all looks delicious. Enjoy Blogfest! #littleloves

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  8. Oh K-A, I so hope things settle down for you soon. I know that feeling of being a bit helpless and just not knowing what to do. ‘This too shall pass’ lovely, I promise it will! Oh my, your dinners look amazing! Do you offer overnight stays?? 😉 My husband is the hugest Man Utd fan – I might contact you about buying your tickets in the future! Have a fab weekend chicky – enjoy Blogfest! Xx


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