My Style of the Moment {Brogues}

As someone who rarely wears heels, I make it my business to seek out shoes, whether that be flats, low heels, and of course boots at this time of year. I envy you heel wearing ladies… God dam you child-birth and giving me a back which feels like it’s breaking as soon as a heel comes anywhere near me.

Mr H is actually my personal shopper, or he likes to think he is (ssshhhh don’t tell him). Don’t get me wrong I love to shop too and I do but he can’t help himself! I have a husband who is very fashion conscious, some women wouldn’t like it. I love it. What’s not to love. He has style, he can spot an outfit. He knows my sizes and in the 9 and a bit years we have been together I have only returned one item. That’s not bad is it? Go Mr H!

My all time favourite shoes at the moment are Brogues. What’s not to love. Comfy, stylish, dressy or casual, great for all seasons and of course at this time of year they are shiny! Which would you wear?


photo (9)

Of all the brogues stacked in boxes hiding away in my dressing room, these black patent are my new favourite. What I love is the gold buckle. The shine and the buckle just add an element that in my opinion heels just don’t. It adds a layer to the shoe. Below I have styled them with a dress from FCUK and a denim jacket from All Saints.


photo (17)


photo (18)


I also wear them with jeans, with or without a cute pair of ankle socks. With being black and patent they stand out yet blend with so many different styles. They are my shoe of the moment.


photo (14)


I hope you enjoyed the latest ‘My Style of the Moment’ post. For details on the shoes and outfits then see the tags below…

Outfit tags

1st Photo: Dress: FCUK (2013), Denim Jacket: All Saints (2011), Brogues: Office Shoes (here)

2nd Photo: Coat: Topshop (2013), Mom Jeans: Topshop (here), Top: Primark (2014), Brogues: Office Shoes (here)

Shoes: All Office (2012 – Current stock)



Style Me Sunday





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