The Ordinary Moments {Walkies}

For those of you that know me, follow me on Instagram and have read my posts before, you will know that we have three boys in our little family. Mr H, Lil G and our furry baby. No, we’re not weird, that isn’t the term I use for our child, our furry baby is our doggy. His name is Alfie Bear. Who got his name from the fact that he gives the best bear cuddles EVER. For more on our furry baby you can read here.

Alf came into our lives before Lil G and will always be our first baby. I am so pleased that the two of them have grown to love each other. Lil G calls him his bud and won’t leave the house without giving him a huge squeeze, and a kiss which we call a Snuggle. Often leaving him with a little message too…

See you soon Bud, look after my toys, love you Bud

It really is the sweetest relationship. There are days when they are inseparable and there are days when Alf escapes as Lil G forgets that he is our doggy and not a toy. Bear, as I call him copes so well with Lil G.


photo (12)


There is more to owning a dog than kisses and cuddles, although they are my favourite part. We have tried our best to instill in Lil G the importance and understanding of looking after our doggy and how he can help us. He always checks to make sure there is enough water in his bowl, he really enjoys feeding him; filling up his bowl and making him sit until he has popped the bowl on the floor, brushing him and of course loving him. We all need a little lot of love.

His absolute favourite thing to do which has now become one of our little family {Ordinary Moments} is to take our doggy for a walk. On a weekend it is something which we do as a family. Alf of course loves his walkies too and so gets a little excited. This is him today on seeing the wellies by the door…


photo 2


photo 1




It’s a different kind of doggy walk in the winter, we struggle to get on the marsh as it is as the word suggests, a bog. We tend to walk the streets with Bear at this time of year which means Alf stays on his lead therefore Lil G has more control. However in the summer or drier months they really enjoy running around the marsh together, chasing a ball, rolling around, sharing a picnic which is just the sweetest thing to watch. There is just so much love between them it really melts my heart when I see them having a moment.

Do you have a pet? How does your little one get involved with looking after him or her?




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5 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments {Walkies}

  1. I love how kids are with dogs, Baby loves ours, I have to be careful though as she thinks they are all as friendly as ours. Alfie looks amazing, gorgeous dog x #OrdinaryMoments

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  2. Aw what a lovely post and it sounds like a gorgeous relationship. We have just got kittens and they are lovely and affectionate, and my eldest daughter especially, just adores them. I grew up with dogs and would love a dog in the house eventually- they make such loyal and caring pets. Alfie is gorgeous!

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    • Your kittens look very cute, although looking at the picture today they have grown! I didn’t manage to catch you on Saturday. You were getting lunch so left you to it. Did you enjoy the day? We were destined to have a doggy, both of us have grown up with them and Alfie couldn’t be the more perfect doggy. He has such a good temperament considering he’s a rescue doggy


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