Love The Little Things

What an improvement we have had this week. Lil G has returned to sleeping in his own bed and through the night. Phew. He has also stopped the tantrums. Fingers crossed our Elf ‘Buddy’ can keep the Threenager behaviour at bay.

These weeks are flying by at the minute, which on the one hand excites me so as it means Christmas is coming, however on the other hand it means I need to get my bum into gear as I need to find the perfect wrapping paper. Eek

Let’s get this #LittleLoves round up started…


What have I read… Mostly the gorgeous Giovanni’s short story Christmas with Billy & Me. I mentioned this last week and it hasn’t disappointed.

I also managed to squeeze in a read of this months Red Magazine which features the Olivers! Oh how I love the Olivers.

photo (24)



That would be the final series of the Newsroom. An America drama which has had me hooked since it started.

I also watched Lil G and Mr H having fun in the Snow Globe last Sunday. After spending a day away from my boys we were determined to have a day filled full of fun, laughter, snow (albeit pretend) and a lot of cuddles!

photo (31)


photo (30)


photo (29)



I am completely in love with my brogues at the minute and couldn’t wait to pop them on with this gorgeous skirt from Primark.

photo (28)


Some inspirational speakers at last weekends Blogfest with my favourites being Suzanne Moore’s 10 rules for becoming a better writer and Francesca Martinez’ very funny thinkbomb of self-acceptance.

Here is a little picture of me, caught on camera I was! Eek.

photo (23)



Mr H treated me to a new recipe. A lovely Sunday treat. This week it was a creamy Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Risotto. Delicious.

photo (25)

Lil G and I also made hot chocolate  this evening complete with squirty cream and marshmallows…

photo (27)


And lastly…

I’ve been trying out some new posts on my blog these last two weeks. ‘My Style of the Moment’ which will be a little post each week about what I or Lil G has worn. Maybe even one about the hubby if he lets me (that’s a no then!). I have also added 2 of my ‘Top 10’ type posts. If you have come across them I would love to know what you think? *Hides behind the sofa*.  Ultimately I am a strong believer in that I am writing them for me, I must remember that.

This weekend it is all about our little family. We are kicking off the festive fun and welcoming Santa Claus at one of our favourite spots in Nantwich – Bridgemere Garden Centre. We went along to this last year and it was lovely so we thought it would be a nice one to kick off the festivities!

Have a lovely weekend fella #LittleLoves crew and I am sure I will catch up with most on IG over the weekend x



8 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. Love your serious concentrating face! Is that the snow globe you were telling me about! Looks great!
    Loving the skirt, I never pop into Primark, but probably should make the effort! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely adore that photo of Little G in the snow globe! Gorgeous!! We have been having a few nighttime issues here! Its been a tough week!! Looking good Mrs too! Off too check out your new posts xx


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