38 Days until you-know-what

This weekend marked the start of Our Little Family Christmas celebrations and what better way to kick them off than to welcome Santa and his reindeer at Bridgemere Garden Centre. If you’ve read my Top Ten Christmas Days Out post you’ll know that we are partial to a festive day out.

We LOVE Christmas. We LOVE that it’s an excuse to spend some time together as a family. We LOVE that it is an opportunity to buy gifts for our family and friends. But most of all we LOVE christmas, just because. Well who doesn’t?

Last year when we went along to this event for the first time, it was something rather magical. We were wowed by Lil G’s response and knew then that we would be returning year on year. We popped it in our little box of Christmas traditions hoping for it to become one of {The Ordinary Moments} for Our Little Family. For now it is still rather extraordinary. Well, I can honestly say that this year didn’t disappoint. I would go as far as to say that our expectations were surpassed. The team at Bridgemere managed to take it to yet another level.

Last year Santa arrived on a train with his elves. This year he arrived with not only with his REINDEER and a SLEIGH (in Lil G’s shouty, really happy and excited voice) but with children from Stagecoach, Nantwich as well. All dressed up in every festive outfit possible and singing Christmas carols. As we watched them parade down the aisle we witnessed what can only be described as one of the sweetest things, Lil G joined in with the carols. Eek. He knew the words, he clapped, he sang, he laughed and rocked from side to side. I guess that would be the practise sessions for his forthcoming Nativity Play! Eek.

The perfect way to kick off our Christmas Days out for Our Little Family. Creating Magic Moments with our gorgeous boy.

Here are a few pictures…













I even managed to pick myself up a little festive Reindeer pot for the front garden, or maybe the step to greet our visitors. Roll on the 1st December…



To all my readers who are local to Nantwich, Cheshire do pop it in your diary for next year, and if you get chance swing by this Christmas. There really is so much to see and do. You won’t be disappointed. *Pinky Promise*


mummy daddy me




12 thoughts on “38 Days until you-know-what

  1. I too am BESIDE MYSELF with Christmas excitement! At least the children give me an excuse to pretend it’s for them 😉 Your day out looks fantastic. Hope you enjoy the next 5 weeks of planning and prep and celebrating!


  2. Ah what a lovely post and lovely photos too. Garden centres are fab for getting prepared and excited for Christmas- our local one is fantastic and it is something we do on the first weekend in December, it’s become a tradition, we go and get a new decoration for the tree. We love Christmas so much, we got married on the 20th December as it was the closest date we could get to actual Christmas Day! 😉

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