He’s a Shepherd!

And just like that, in the blink of an eye my little boy is taking on his first role in his Kindergarten Nativity Play.

Christmas is a magical time. A time for excitement. A time for memories to be made. No more so than this year. What with the rehearsals for his play, the practicing at home it is safe to say that the carol singing has begun and oh how I love to hear him singing… ‘When Santa got stuck up a chimney, aachoo aachoo aachoo’. He melts my heart.

When I collected Lil G from Kindergarten on Monday, I was presented with some tickets. I nearly shrieked…


photo 1 (1)

When we signed on the dotted line for our baby to go to nursery we knew that there would be a number of things to look forward to. We had his first sports day in the Summer where he won a medal! And now it is his first nativity play. Eek. Time really has flown, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago when he was having his settle in days at just 8 months old.

So many of our friends have said that one of the highlights for them was watching their little one in their first Nativity play. There will be tears. I will require wine afterwards.

A few weeks ago I was anticipating the note in his bag letting me know which part he was playing, what words he had to memorise, and songs to practice. And then it arrived. Lil G was to be a Shepherd. He has two lines…

What a beautiful baby

Shine star shine

He has been practicing them both with a lot of determination and excitement. Very proud of himself. And then there is the Christmas carols. I am amazed by how many of the words he knows. I nearly cried on Saturday when he started to sing one without prompt. Eek.

I secretly hoped he would have the role of Joseph however on sharing the wonderful news of ‘Lil G the Shepherd’ with his Nanny, my mother in law, I was then passed this little beauty…


photo (33)


Mr H was a Shepherd in his first Nativity play. Now isn’t that the sweetest thing you ever heard. Mr H and Lil G, father and son, both Shepherd’s in their first Nativity plays. Mr H is somewhat proud.

Bring on Friday 5th December… The day our gorgeous boy stars in his first Nativity.



6 thoughts on “He’s a Shepherd!

  1. The first nativity is very emotional, I was a mess! I am going to blame it on the fact that I was about to give birth to youngest. It really is a pull on the heartstring moment. Oldest was completely oblivious to this and spent the whole performance flashing her knickers at the audience!
    Em x


  2. First nativity play is a proud moment, and rightly so. I love how enthusiastic our kids are in practising their lines (even if it’s often only just one or two), but being a family with a liking for music my favourite part is the weeks beforehand when they’re walking around the house practising all the songs. Enjoy the 5th! 🙂


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