You’ve Got Mail

Dear Santa

My gorgeous boy has re-written his wish list. Is that OK? Apparently he had forgotten some important toys and he is sad. He is sad because…

How will Santa know what I want mummy? I have sent him the wrong letter

Yes, I know we have already written to you, and you kindly replied however I have a toddler who doesn’t quite understand that. For the benefit of Lil G please accept this amended version via my blog. I am sure that in another year you will have your own email address and the snail mail version will be no more. I do hope that’s not the case. Lil G has yet to master his handwriting, so if it’s OK with you, it is my Christmas wish that you always rely up on snail mail! That you ban an online version of the beautiful tradition that is writing a letter to Santa.

Here is Lil G’s amended wish list. Please Santa can I have…


Christmas Wish List - George


Lil G has also asked for (among others)

  1. The lady Transformer who turns into a bike (I have no idea)
  2. All the Spiderman toys (eek)
  3. Books, lots of books (no problem)
  4. A reindeer (Sven will have to do) and lastly
  5. Two horses (double eek)

The good news is Santa, Lil G’s wishes have been granted. Much to Lil G’s amazement we have these hidden away waiting to be wrapped. I do worry that he’ll be mentioning more toys to Buddy when he arrives which he will then be passing onto you. Please feel free to say no, although if you do find a good deal then do share it with me as there is always an emergency budget! Eek. Sssshhh don’t tell Mr H.


photo (24)


With the help of my favourite toy store GLTC, and of course some trusty sites including AmazonThe Disney Store and Toys R Us Lil G is one lucky little boy. He is our precious, so for now we will spoil him. For now, on his birthday and at Christmas each year we will shower him with gifts. I will of course teach him the value of such gifts and will leave Buddy, our Elf on the Shelf to instill good behaviour and kind thoughts. How to be thankful and appreciate all that is bestowed upon him.

Now if I could ask that you send one of your Elves to wrap these gifts for me that would be super. As much as I love wrapping I also kinda dislike the back and bum ache, and tearing strips off my lips as I bite the cellotape!

See you on the 24th big guy! Or failing that at the many events we are scheduled to be at in December!


One thought on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Oh an elf to do the wrapping would be great – not so much the first few bits and pieces when you’ve still got lots of wrapping enthusiasm and Christmas music but those last few things when you have paper cuts and you really start to wonder whether wrapping things for a four month old is strictly necessary!!

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