Little Loves

Well hello #littleloves crew, nice to see you again. And here we go…


I am both pleased and sad to say that I have finished the gorgeous new book from Giovanni Fletcher. A short story called Christmas with Billy & Me. Such a lovely end to the first novel she wrote. I do hope she writes another.

I also managed to catch up on a little blog reading and came across this lovely little recipe over on Steph’s blog at Mis Placed Brit. A Soft White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge recipe which I cannot wait to try out.


The penultimate episode of The Missing. Eek. I have to admit to this series freaking me out and refusing to let Lil G out of my eyesight for a 100th of a second.

We also watched…

photo (36)


Lil G is a HUGE fan. We have seen it twice at the Cinema so when it was released on Monday we had to indulge. Highly recommended folks if you haven’t seen it already.


photo (32)


Lil G screaming ‘Santa’ as we waited for him to arrive at our local Garden Centre. A little tear came to my eye and my heart filled with Christmas Joy. Top top of this lovely morning Lil G then treated us to array of Christmas carols in preparation for his Nativity Play! Eek




Firstly, a decision on my Christmas Party dress…

photo (35)



And secondly, flapjacks for the office

photo (37)



And lastly…

We went to the Manchester Christmas Markets after work on Wednesday and I can highly recommend the Bailey’s Hot Chocolate. On the way home I treated myself to one of the Costa Coffee Ceramic Santa Claus Mugs. Perfect for my train journeys. Eek. It makes me smile a lot.

photo (38)


photo (39)



photo (40)


Have a really lovely, fun filled, family fuelled weekend x





17 thoughts on “Little Loves

  1. Love the Santa mug, I’ve been giggling at your insta pics!! Thumbs up to the sparkly Christmas dress! The Christmas markets are my favourite part of the build up! Hope you had a fab weekend! Xxx P.S. Flapjacks look shamazing!!!


  2. Lovely littleloves this week chicky! I especially love Lil G’s face in the shouting pic, and your sparkly Christmas dress! It sounds like it was a really lovely week! Hope the weekend was as fun-filled! 🙂 xx


  3. Love your little loves this week Mrs! I am with you on The Missing, we went out last week and I clung to Moo so tightly! It really shakes things up! Loving the santa mug and the flapjacks and of course the hot chocolate!


  4. Ooh we are off to see Santa arrive (on a monster truck no less!!) at our local garden centre tomorrow morning!! Oh the excitement! Love your Costa mug 🙂 I didn’t realise The Missing was so far through – I know exactly what you mean about it being terrifying though – and in particular when I have a little boy the exact same age as the one who gets taken in the programme. Really scary and horrible thoughts to be planted in your head! Gripping though. Have a fab weekend KA Xx #littleloves

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  5. Reading your post has made me a little homesick. I use to love Manchester at Christmas. Also I am loving the Costa mug but don’t think I can justify it as I don’t commute anywhere. Or could I call the school run a commute? Hmmmm.

    Em x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the lovely mention 🙂
    That santa mug is too funny! Really bizarre seeing you sat in an office like that too… Suddenly reminded, yes we are all regular people most of us with regular jobs too! I could totally imagine loving working with a person like you …Especially when you take flapjacks to the office with you! 😉

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