Christmas Traditions {Part 1}

I love Christmas and I’m not ashamed to admit that we put our Christmas tree up on the earliest possible date – this year it will be in November! Now before you shriek in horror, just hear me out. December 1st is a Monday, so that can only mean one thing… That we pop up our tree on the Sunday which just happens to be November 30th! Believe me when I tell you that it takes a whole day to decorate the Trees and our house of course.

This weekend marks the countdown for Christmas for Our Little Family as we pick out our Christmas Trees. It is by far our favourite tradition. I cannot describe in words how excited we are when this weekend arrives on the calendar. Even Lil G is jumping around in excitement! Mr H is by far the most excited. Let me tell you about this tradition, the one which kicks off the start of the festive season for us and leads to gorgeous moments like this one from last year…

photo (45)


Each year we have a real Christmas tree. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a real tree. Well actually, last year we went for two. There is nothing quite like the smell is there? We go to our local farm; Keele Christmas Tree Farm. We pop on our wellies, our hats & scarfs and we make our way in to the deep and muddy tree farm. We are literally head to toe in Christmas trees and we love it.

It has become one of The Ordinary Moments for Our Little Family. One which takes pride of place in our calendar and is met with a HUGE amount of excitement from all of us. We are lucky to have a farm on our doorstep which grows its own.


photo (41)


photo (42)


We look from left to right, up high and low, determined to find the perfect tree. It’s a big deal. Such a big responsibility. We have to find the perfect trees. Would you believe that we have a Christmas tree wish list? Oh yes. We don’t just take one of the trees which have been pre-cut, oh no, we choose our own. Mainly because it’s an adventure, secondly it’s cheaper than taking one which is pre-cut and thirdly, if the roots are left on then the tree lives longer.

Our wish list…

Tree No 1 – The main one, a humongous 7ft beauty which sits in the bay window of Lil G’s play room. It has to be wide, it has to be tall so that literally there is just enough room to pop the star on. It has to be full of beautiful bushy branches and let’s not forget a little bit of trunk showing. Why? Because it adds to the character.

Tree No 2 – Then there’s our second tree. this one sits in our sitting room. We drop to a 5ft tree, this one has to be taller, slimmer but still full of bushy branches.

Often we separate, to make sure that we have the best. Mr H at one end of the farm and me at the other. Lil G wandering between us, helping to make one of the most important decisions of the festive period. On average we are in the tree field of dreams for an hour, at least! And then we get to tag them…

photo (46)


photo (44)


If you are thinking of visiting a Christmas Tree Farm this year then my Top Tip to you would be DO IT. Seriously; to measure the space that you have available and to measure the tree that you select. 

And there you have it, the first of many Christmas Traditions for Our Little Family. Keep popping by for more of our little family traditions.

So tell me, do you go for a real tree?


11 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions {Part 1}

  1. What a lovely tradition! We always had a real tree when I was growing up but now we don’t have anywhere near enough space for one in our flat. I’m still going to get M to help me decorate the place though, of course. And in any case, there will be a real tree waiting for us at my mum’s. I can’t wait to see what M makes of it as it will be the first time he sees one up close 🙂

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  2. I love real trees but have rarely experienced one in any home I’ve lived in. We wouldn’t really have the space for it now and I’m still nervous about the two year old factor, even with a tiny, table top fake! Since blogging I’m beginning to realise that there’s an awful lot of people out there who take Christmas extremely seriously!! I want it to be special for my boys but I found it difficult to function with chrismas in the early days of their lives. I’m looking forward to more exciting Christmases with older children!! X #ordinarymoments

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    • Why did you find it difficult in the early days? Lil G loves Christmas because we do, I am certain of it. He thrives on our excitement. We have had real trees since Lil G was a baby and have never had a problem. That’s the beauty of real trees you can choose the sixe and shape, my friend has ones with a tall trunk at the base to prevent the little one from being interested in touching it. Lil G has never really touched the tree, he’s interested in the decorations but once they are on the tree he forgets about them


      • I think the main reason for finding it difficult was because I was maybe suffering a bit with PND and I felt like I couldn’t cope with the planning and organisation that went into Christmas. We don’t have the kind of showhome that I think a beautifully planned set of decorations would fit into to – it’s all a bit chaotic in our house. Even today EJ pulled a glass bauble off a tree in the garden centre and thankfully it didn’t shatter! We always had our tree up when I was a kid even when we had kittens mind you – and they would try and climb the blooming thing!! The other thing is that I don’t think the husband is that bothered by Christmas really so i don’t have that other half’s excitement to feed off. Kind of wish I did, it sounds like fun!

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        • Aahhhh right. See we are both exactly the same when it comes to Christmas. It’s HUGE for us. We also got married and christmas so has a lot of good times and fond memories for us too. I think Christmas is what you make of it. Creating little traditions just for you. Making it as big or as little. I truly believe that it is about the children and putting yourself out there for them as it’s such a magical time


  3. Oooh, I am with you on putting the tree up next weekend! My birthday is the 29th, so it’s tradition in our family that we’re allowed to put the tree up the day after, or on the 1st, depending on how it falls- I can’t wait! Must sort out my decs this week to see what we’ve got…

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  4. Ah a lovely tradition and I adore Christmas too. We have a festive day where we go and pick out a new decoration for the tree, get hot chocolates and cakes and then come home and put the tree up. I love it. Yay for Christmas! Hope you picked out a good tree. x

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  5. We’ll be doing this next Sunday! I love it!! We have always gone for two real ones, last year an 11ft and a 7ft. But it was so, so expensive for the big one and it just ended up in the fire, so we’ve opted for a really good artificial one for our hall this year. It will be worth the expense in the long run i think! Still a real one for our sitting room though – i love the smell too! 🙂 Enjoy your day lovely. I hope you find the perfect one! Xx


    • Woohoo another real tree fan! Yay. Ooh yes I’m not sure how expensive an 11ft one would be here! I do feel like I should wear Elsa type gloves up to my elbows to prevent the prickling when I’m popping the lights on. Have a lovely weekend x


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