1 month until Christmas

When I realised this morning that it is indeed only one month until Christmas I suddenly felt a cloud of panic come over me. Not because we’re unprepared for the big day, we are indeed prepared for then. But because we are not prepared for the 1st! Which is only 6 days away. Eek.

What’s happening on the first I hear you say? Well actually it’s the start of our festive calendar, ho ho ho…


…our days out, weekends taken over by a mix of lazy pyjama days and activities of course. Where we spend time as Our Little Family but also where we see friends, we eat too much, we drink too much. Where life becomes a rather nice kind of busy. Hence why our Christmas shopping is done and all wrapped before then!

Before we get wrapped up in all the festive fun I really do need to get my bum into gear. Here is my to-do list of all things to be ticked off before the 1st…

  1. To wrap and tag all of the books for Lil G’s Reading Advent Calendar
  2. Decide what fun our Elf ‘Buddy’ is going to be getting up to. If you are joining in with the tradition that is ‘The Elf on the Shelf’ and need some inspiration then do pop over to my Pinterest board
  3. Collect and decorate our Christmas trees, you can read all about our love for a real tree here and here
  4. Begin making Lil G’s Christmas cards for his friends (We are very excited about this)
  5. Now that we have found our Christmas cards (finally) I now need to write them, which is a mammoth task as I like to write a personal message in each one… Eek
  6. Find a Christmas card for Mr H… Double Eek
  7. Decide on my outfit for Lil G’s Nativity Play on the 5th… Eek Eek Eek

Despite being all over Christmas since July, 110% all over it since September I must, I must, I must improve my organisation skills.

How are your plans coming along?

KA x


Mums' Days


5 thoughts on “1 month until Christmas

  1. I’m pretty organised this year.
    I have the advent calendar filled and my son’s calendar ready to go too.
    The only thing I am left to do is my advent decoration with 4 candles. Each candle represents every Sunday advent.


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