My Hair & Beauty Essentials

I thought I would share with you some items from my Beauty Bible. Tricks and products which help me along the way. In attempt to look just a little bit alive, to survive the sleep deprivation, the long days, and general busy life of a working parent.

Once upon a time my beauty box would be full of the ever so beautiful and indulgent Elemis products. Oh how I miss you marine cream. In the blink of an eye I had to downgrade my beauty products and went in search of some new products. Predominantly my beauty box is laden with No7 products which have certainly looked after me since Lil G arrived.

I will admit to feeling and looking some ten years older within the space of 3-months. That would be 3-months from when Lil G arrived into our world. So, with a little help from the products below I seem to stumble my way through, hopefully looking a lot like myself and not the generally over tired self that I often am.

These are my buys which really work…

Hair & Beauty Essential



1. Boi-ing Industrial Stength Concealer by Benefit, by far the best concealer I have used (£17.50) – 2. Batiste Dry Shampoo, a true life saver in every sense of the word (£1.99) – 3. No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask, perfect for those winter months when your skin feels tight from the radiators (£12.50) – 4. Doublebase Gel, a moisturiser designed to soften and inject some moisture, often prescribed for Eczema which is how we came across it as (£4.99) – 5. Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy, one of only two products which allow me to get some style into my thick hair. Huge Respect (£18.00) – 6. No7 Protect and Perfect Serum, I am not sure I could survive without this product, if nothing at all you should use it in the winter months (£23.95) – 7. Blonde Angel Treatment by Kevin Murphy, this product helps to remove the yellow tones from my hair, a violet treatment (£20.00) – 8. Bad gal Mascara by Benefit, THE best mascara in the world EVER (£17.50) – 9. Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins, I started to use these prior to getting married in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since (£15.99)

And there you have it the products I am loving, using and couldn’t be without at present.

What hair & beauty products are your saviours? I would love to add some new ones to my list, Mr H may not thank you!

KA x


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