So this is Christmas…

A few days back I wrote a little post telling you all about our Top Ten Christmas Days Out in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Manchester. They were all activities we have done as Our Little Family since Lil G arrived in to our world. Each year we try to find something new, an adventure to be had and festive fun to take Lil G a long to. I believe we have the balance just right this year. A little bit of what we know and just a little bit of what we don’t!

We even managed to throw in a totally unplanned event last weekend which was super fun and left Mr H and I feeling just a little bit gooey inside. Who’d have thought that unplanned fun could be just that, FUN! Lesson learned. Just call me Monica.

It goes without saying that we have Christmas all wrapped up before December begins so that we can enjoy this Festive Fun. Our weekends are spent together rather than queuing in shops. Makes sense right?

And on that note here are our festive plans for Our Little Family…

For us, they start two or three weeks before December 1st. Only ever so slightly. Therefore we have already shared two beautiful weekends celebrating the magical time that is Christmas. They have left us feeling just a little bit a lot excited for whats ahead.

1. Welcoming Santa to one of our favourite Garden Centres; Bridgemere. What a treat this was. Lil G couldn’t quite believe it was Santa, especially when ‘he touched my hand mummy’. I just love wandering around the centre, there is so much to see and do here (Free event)



2. Visiting Keele Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our trees. What an adventure we had this year. Lil G even came prepared with his measuring tape!

photo (51)


3. The unplanned event… We made a stop at our 2nd favourite Garden Centre; Trentham Gardens after picking out our Christmas Trees on Sunday. The Santa we usually visit here was sold out rather quickly so we resided ourselves to the fact that we wouldn’t see him this year.

However, on wandering around the centre we came across Santa’s elf who was looking for children. Santa had arrived and was waiting in his Grotto. Oh the excitement on Lil G’s face. Typically I had no cash on me, so like any other ‘Christmas crazy’ parent I literally ran through the garden centre, making a dash for the tills, hopping over ornaments, dodging people like bullets, eek. I must have looked like a mad woman. (£5 including a very impressive gift)

It was worth it…

photo (2)


4. Santa’s Winter Wonderland at the Snowdome in Tamworth. We absolutely loved this event last year. Whats not to love about playing around in the Snow (adult or child!), throwing snowballs, a Christmas Show and of course meeting Santa’s Reindeer? The fun just doesn’t stop. (£50.85 for a family of 3, 90 minutes)

5. Santa’s Lunch at Alton Towers. Last year we did the Santa’s Sleepover at Alton Towers which was a two day break. Brilliant. However as CBeebies was being built the ‘meeting with Santa was below average’ so this year we thought we’d try the one day event. We are very excited about this.

We get entry to the park (children’s areas only), entry to the Waterpark (epic water park), Christmas lunch, a visit to Santa (including a gift) and of course the chance to meet Santa’s reindeer. (Superb value at £93 for a family of 3)

6. Snowman & The Snowdog at Barton Square, Trafford Centre. A new event to our calendar. Lil G absolutely loves the Snowman & Snowdog so when this little event popped up on my screen I couldn’t help but take a look. (£12.00 for a family of 3, 45 minute event)

snowman and the snowdog


7. And now it’s back to Bridgemere for Breakfast with Santa. The Breakfast was excellent last year, a well planned event with an excellent toy. Nanny & Grandad come with us to this one. When Lil G saw Santa arrive last year this is what happened…


(£26 for a family of 3)

7. Manchester Christmas Markets – Many people would believe these markets are aimed at the adults. They would be wrong. If you only visit the main area by the Town Hall then yes I would agree however if you venture down to Spinningfields then you will find a whole host of fun for children including an Ice Rink and a Helter Skelter. (This was last year)

1474485_10152050718570971_1151177729_n (1)


8. A new one for us – A Pantomime at our local theatre, The Regent in Stoke on Trent. This year the show is ‘Dick Whittington’. We have high expectations for this one. To me it feels a little on the expensive side so I do hope Lil G enjoys it. (£90 for a family of 3)

As that takes us right up up to Christmas Eve, there is nothing left to do other than return home, snuggle on the sofa with my boys and my furry baby and watch a movie, before Mr H and I crack open a bottle, share a takeaway and begin operation ‘Santa Claus’. Eek.

What festive plans do you have this year? I would love you to share them in the comments.

KA x


The List


9 thoughts on “So this is Christmas…

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  2. The other day me and Andrew had a discussion about how to explain how Santa manages to be in so many places at once to Gwenn (although she’s 19 months so it’s not something we really have to worry about yet). We haven’t taken her to see Santa because I don’t think she would like it. I think next year, when she’s 2 and a half, we can start introducing some family activities but at the moment she’s not interested in anything for more than 8 seconds.



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  3. Wow, what a fun filled lead up to Christmas you have planned it sounds amazing! Sadly we haven’t got anything half as wonderful as that planned…But we are hopefully taking the girlies to Lakeside to meet the penguins which will be a nice little outing in itself xx


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