What a Beautiful Day…

Me and my Boy. On the tough days it is my gorgeous boys smiles and laughter which lift my heart.

This week we have both been suffering with a horrid cough and generally feeling rotten. The last two days have been pretty rubbish. I have had a headache since Thursday which resulted in me dosing up on Lil G’s calpol today as I had run out of paracetamol! Eek.

Today it was a day of mummy daycare. From 5am when Daddy left for work until 6pm when he returned home from the football. I didn’t mind. I was actually really looking forward to some down time with Lil G. I knew he wanted some too. I also miss my days where it is Just Us.

Other than time together I hadn’t really thought about how to utilise our day. Lil G has an imagination that runs perfectly well by itself so really I just needed to add to that. I will admit to it being midday before either of us decided it was time to get out of our pyjamas. Glorious nothing days are simply the best and despite feeling rotten and missing a 5th birthday party, we had to escape the house. We needed fresh air. We wrapped up and off we went.

Rather than in words, I thought I would share with you in pictures how our day went…

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo 2

What a beautiful day.

KA x 




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21 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Day…

  1. ‘Glorious nothing days’, love that phrase; quite a way to look at it. And they days when it was just the 2 of you … I’ll be saying that soon when I go back to work 😦 Glad you made a lovely day out of poor moments. Nothing like good health when you don’t have it. And calpol, good ol’ calpol; i’ve been thanking God for it this week … it’s the season high calpol usage, i think. 😦 :-). Lovely pictures too. Thanks for sharing all around 🙂 Is the ‘ordinary moments’ another link up?

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  2. The days when you stay in your pj’s till mid day {or in my case all day ;)} are the best and it looks like you had a lovely time, just you and Lil G.. I am loving the homemade cards!

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  3. Yay for Calpol! Glad you guys had a great day, looks like so much fun and those cards you made are ace- we have some similar to these on the agenda to make! I wish I could have more 1-2-1 time with both of mine, especially F as I feel he’s missed out the most on time with just me since S was born. xx ps where did you get the little blue paint caddy in your photo? Looking for something like this for each of my two!

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  4. That does look like a lovely day. I love those ones where you don’t really have anything planned but everything seems to work out perfectly xx


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