No Chocolate For Us…

What’s The Story…

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With an already fussy eater of a toddler I had to think long and hard over our plans before deciding on the right selection of Christmas Advent Calendars this year. Offering Lil G chocolate before our dash out of the door at 7.45am would only end in disaster for us. There will be no breakfast on a Monday – Friday. He simply would refuse unless it was chocolate. I can see it!

Last year we introduced a Reading Advent Calendar which Lil G loved and as his relationship with books has grown I knew this would be the perfect distraction to a chocolate treat. Based on the excitement that came over his little face when he saw them waiting for him on his return home from Kindergarten today, I’m certain we made the right decision. It’s a keeper. One to pop in our ‘Our Little Family Christmas Traditions’ collection.

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We have used a number of Lil G’s favourite stories, picked some new ones too, added in some of the Christmas books from last year and of course a few new ones too. So, here is a sneaky peak of the festive books we will be reading over the 24 days in the countdown to Christmas…

Christmas Reading Picture


For more on our Reading Advent Calendar take a read of this little post introducing it here.





4 thoughts on “No Chocolate For Us…

  1. I think this is such a brilliant idea! If I hadn’t spent so long making Arthur’s advent calendar last year I’d totally be doing this… And in fact I reckon I might just do it next year anyway… Good to hear Lil G’s loving the books so much! x


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