Buddy is here…

There is no hiding the fact that Our Little Family are HUGE fans of Christmas and all things festive. Lil G is following along nicely in our footsteps and as we decorated the house yesterday, Mr H and I looked at each other and commented that there’s no mistaking he’s our boy.

So when I stumbled across the Elf on the Shelf tradition last year I couldn’t wait to introduce it to Lil G this year. He has welcomed our Elf with open arms (although not touched him of course) and with so much enthusiasm it’s really sweet. Lil G was absolutely certain that they would be friends, hence the name Buddy. You can read all about that here.

I was a little worried that he wouldn’t understand the ‘no touch’ rule, thank goodness he’s ok with it. What a disaster that would have been! I did have to remind him this morning that Buddy the Elf had arrived but within seconds he was quick to make his way downstairs to look for him. And this is what happened…

photo (29)

photo (15)


It wasn’t long before Lil G had a word with Buddy. Very sweetly he said…

Bud, you silly billy, you took Santa’s sleigh… How will he deliver presents now Bud?

As I work from home on a Monday I thought it would be good idea to introduce myself to our little friend. After all he’s part of the family now! He was kind enough to make me a cuppa. Thanks Bud!

photo (16)


I’m looking forward to having a little fun with this little guy. I think he’s rather cute and has certainly brought something new to Our Little Family Christmas this year. Although I am yet to get Mr H involved in the fun!

If you have an Elf and need a little Elf Mischief inspiration then pop over to my Pinterest Board where I have been pinning lots of ideas. And why not join in with this weekly linky hosted by @ReadingRes and @LifeWithMunchers here…

The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover


7 thoughts on “Buddy is here…

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  2. So glad that Lil G took to him immediately. Love his arrival pose there, and how sweet of Lil G to set him straight! Hope you can get Mr H involved soon, too 😉 Look forward to seeing Buddy’s shenanigans, and thanks for linking up with #ElfTakeover


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